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I am having a bowel resection next Friday and seem to have

Customer Question

I am having a bowel resection next Friday and seem to have developed a bladder infection out of the blue

It's is the weekend, i live in the country, and I cant get to a doctor

I'm taking Pentasa for Crohns disease

I have prednisone 1mg tablets available at home, would taking some of these over the next few days be effective ????

Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Dr. D. Love replied 4 years ago.
Thank you for using JustAnswer. I will be glad to assist you today.

No, the prednisone would not be effective at treating a bladder infection. The prednisone may help ease the inflammation associated with infections, so it may help ease symptoms associated with the bladder infection, but it has no activity against the germs that cause bladder infections.

Therefore, while the prednisone may help ease symptoms, the infection will not be getting better and may actually be getting worse, as the prednisone will also suppress the immune system that is trying to kill the germs. People that are on long-term use of prednisone have an increased risk of infection because of the action on the immune system. However, prednisone is used for certain infections to augment the effect of the antibiotics, particularly when there is a large amount of inflammation.

Unfortunately, there also are relatively little that is available over the counter that may help control a bladder infection. Drinking plenty of fluids to flush the system may help, but does not typically eradicate the infection. There is a supplement that is purported to help with bladder infection, D-mannose. The clinical data is better that the supplement may help prevent infections in people that have recurrent infections, but it is also purported to help ease an acute infection.

In this situation, it is better that an antibiotic be used to clear up the infection, and the surgeon will prefer that the infection be well cleared before the surgery is done. If you cannot be seen until Monday, then that may need to be sufficient, but it would be generally better to start the antibiotic sooner.

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