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It seems that there has developed some restriction to my inserting

Customer Question

It seems that there has developed some restriction to my inserting my penis into my wife's vagina. Even after stimulation, little more than one finger can be inserted. I am dealing with Erectile dysfunction and don't have a strong erection and therefore struggling with insertion makes it even more difficult. Is there something going on with my wife's pubic bone or area? There seems to have been some change in that area.
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Ken replied 4 years ago.

I am Dr Ken and I will be helping you today.

Were any investigations done to see for the cause {erectile dysfunction}? Does your wife {Josie} has any abnormal vaginal discharge or any know disease?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
I have taken both Viagra and Cialis at various times. The results of these two drugs has lessoned resently. The erectile dysfunction seems to have become quickly worse. No real medical investigation has been performed.

Josie has not mentioned any abnormal discharge.

Expert:  Ken replied 4 years ago.
Hello John,

I do understand your anxiety.

Two things need to be considered. One is the cause of your erectile dysfunction - drugs/ neurogenic cause/ hormonal/ arterial disorder/ cavernosal/ psycological/ alcohol/ obesity. A physical evaluation along with few investigations need to be done to see for the cause.

Viagra,Cialis,Levitra and they work,starting with a lower dose usually depending upon how effectively a person responds to. Some of the alternative medicines/natural products which are very effective in treating Erectile dysfunction include - L-Arginine/ DHEA/ Yohimbine.
Use of vitamin/mineral supplements containing ZINC,VITAMIN E and FOLIC ACID are also very helpful. Intra cavernous (into the penis) injection of Alprostadil which is a very effective method is also useful. Alprostadil increases blood flow by expanding blood vessels and thus helps treat ED by increasing the blood flow to the penis, thus causing an erection.

Second is evaluation of Josie. With age the vagina becomes dry and shrinks. This is due to hormonal imbalance. Estrogen cream does help. She also needs a physical evaluation for us to know the cause.

Please do not worry.

Wish you well.