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Dr. Natasha
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Hi. I have an elderly aunt who is 87 started oozing fluid from

Customer Question

Hi. I have an elderly aunt who is 87 started oozing fluid from her legs. She has bandaged her legs and she has a doctors apppointment 4 days from now. I am concerned that this is too long a time to wait. Please advise me on this issue
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Daniel Sheibley, MD replied 4 years ago.

Daniel Sheibley, MD :


Daniel Sheibley, MD :

Yes she needs to be seen in the ER. This can be related to fluid overload signifying heart failure and other problems that can cause water retention. She needs to be seen and evaluated so that the underlying cause can be diagnosed and treated. Avoiding this can result in further complication.

Expert:  Dr. Natasha replied 4 years ago.
I was following your question.
I am sorry about the delay in the response.
The most common reason for the fluid to come from the tissue is because of increased hydrostatic pressure in the legs.
Now this can be related to the heart, this can be from chronic lymph edema or this can be kidney disease just to name a few possibilities.
Unless she has chronic lymph edema, she needs to be seen sooner than later. And if you cannot get an appointment with her doctor, she should go to the ER. Because she needs to be evaluated to make sure she is not in heart of kidney failure.
As well, they can give her medications to help mobilize the fluid out of her legs and make her feel better.

Thank you for your question.
I hope that this helped.
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