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Daniel Sheibley, MD
Daniel Sheibley, MD, Doctor
Category: Medical
Satisfied Customers: 1834
Experience:  MD Grad Jefferson Medical College 2009. Internal Med intern 2010 & Radiology residency 2011. Husband & father of two.
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I have small swelling in my left ankle and when I put pressure

Customer Question

I have small swelling in my left ankle and when I put pressure on it a fluid pocket appears, it is soft
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Daniel Sheibley, MD replied 4 years ago.

Daniel Sheibley, MD :

How long have you had this and where exactly on the ankle is is

Daniel Sheibley, MD :

is it

JACUSTOMER-n22jkljn- : 3 weeks, on the ankle bone
Daniel Sheibley, MD :

the outside or the inside of the ankle

JACUSTOMER-n22jkljn- : Inside
Daniel Sheibley, MD :

any discoloration to the area? Is it painful?

JACUSTOMER-n22jkljn- : No discolouration. Throbs sometimes
Daniel Sheibley, MD :

Any trauma?

Daniel Sheibley, MD :

Did you bang it on anything? Any bugbites that you can remember?

JACUSTOMER-n22jkljn- : Mum died 3 months ago
JACUSTOMER-n22jkljn- : Have not banged it the joint is very clicky when I rotate it
Daniel Sheibley, MD :

Ok. This is likely a fluid collection within or about a tendon sheath - however to definitvely make out what it is, either an ultrasound or an MRI of the ankle would be needed ultrasound would show if there is any vascularity to the swelling (which I doubt from what you've said) and an MRI would show from which space (a tendon sheath versus from within a joint capsule or a fluid collection not associated with any specific structure) Where it is arising from can only be definitively determined by that. And treatment depends on where it is arising from.

Daniel Sheibley, MD :

Your primary care doctor can order ultrasound and MRI (their choice obviously which to choose first - ultrasound would be more cost-effective)

Daniel Sheibley, MD :

And if they'd see fit they could send you to an orthopedist.

Daniel Sheibley, MD :

If this is generalized calf swelling or redness or that begins to develop then I'd recommend going to the ER, however from what you said that does not seem the case.

Daniel Sheibley, MD :

How can I help you further to make sure you're happy with our discussion?

Daniel Sheibley, MD :

Did I answer your question to satisfaction? I can discuss this with you further if you wish. I'm still here until you are satisfied.

Daniel Sheibley, MD :

If you want to discuss this more please feel free. If you accept my answer, please choose accept / 3-5 rating.

Expert:  Miel-cssm replied 4 years ago.
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