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Dr. Sohaib
Dr. Sohaib, Doctor
Category: Medical
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Hi after gym session this morning my chest has been jumping

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Hi after gym session this morning my chest has been jumping all day like nerves twitching. Chest is not tight or shortness of breathe. I do take a lot of protein shakes and amino acids and some creatine. Could this be effecting me and could this be signs of heart attack?

Dr. Sohaib :

Hello and thank you for the question. Answers given are for informational purposes only and are not meant to replace an exam by an in-person.

I am Dr. Sohaib, a practicing Internal Medicine Specialist and i will do my best to help you today.

You need to answer a few questions first which will help me assist you in a better way.

Dr. Sohaib :

So there is no shortness of breath and chest pain associated with this right?

Dr. Sohaib :

How much time has elapsed since this all started?

Dr. Sohaib :

Have you checked you blood pressure?

Customer: About 5 hrs has lapsed just chest little sore like itchy sore
Customer: i do have high blood pressure for the past year not sure why
Customer: No shortness of breathe correct
Dr. Sohaib :

Taking any treatment for high blood pressure?

Customer: Nope was supposed to have a 24 blood pressure thing fitted but haven't got round to it
Dr. Sohaib :

Okay. Has this ever happened before as well?

Customer: Nope was supposed to have 24 blood pressure thing fitted but never got around too it
Customer: Yes but normally goes away like within 10min
Dr. Sohaib :

But this time it has been a little longer than usual.

Customer: A lot longer
Dr. Sohaib :

Okay, most likely this is related to a muscle spasm in the chest wall, nothing else.

Dr. Sohaib :

Having rest and restoring dehydration will relieve this problem.

Customer: Ok anything I should look out for?
Customer: Ok thanks can all protein shakes amino acids cause high blood pressure as I eat well and really fit
Dr. Sohaib :

But as per standard guidelines, any symptoms which may point towards a cardiac problem should be investigated at earliest preferably at ER. Simply an EKG will rule out any serious possibility (which is extremely unlikley) and will put your mind at ease.

Dr. Sohaib :

No they wont give you high blood pressure.

Customer: Ok so what should I do now just monitor it
Dr. Sohaib :

Better to go to ER and have an EKG done. A normal Ekg will be very helpful and would result in no need of further monitoring of symptoms or stress.

Customer: And reasons why u said probably chest spasm
Dr. Sohaib :

Since it happened during/after exercise.

Dr. Sohaib :

Which also gives the muscles a little dehydration.

Dr. Sohaib :

So physical stress to muscles and dehydration when coupled together can give a muscle spasm.

Customer: Ok happened after exercise also been boozing a lot last 2 weeks
Dr. Sohaib :

Than can add to the chances of muscle spasm.

Customer: Ok was very dehydrated yesterday so could be that
Dr. Sohaib :

Yes most probably.

Customer: Ok ill see how it goes anything I should look out for as emergency
Dr. Sohaib :

Stay relaxed. Its just as a precautionary measure that i have asked you for an EKG; which is in accordance with the standard medical advice. The red alerts would be shortness of breath and chest pain.

Customer: Ok they government hospital in uk
Customer: not going to do EKG for spasms
Dr. Sohaib :

They would if you say chest pain and shortness of breath.

Customer: Correct but I don't have that
Dr. Sohaib :

Agreed, so watch out for these.

Customer: Ok
Dr. Sohaib :

I hope this clarifies and answers you.

Dr. Sohaib :

Stay relaxed.

My goal is to provide you with Excellent Service - if satisfied with the response, Please do not forget to Rate my service as this is the only way i get credit for my time and expertise on your question.

If you feel you have gotten anything less, please reply back, I am happy to address follow-up questions.

Kindest Regards.

Dr. Sohaib :

Do let me know if something remains unanswered for you? I will be glad to assist. Please do not forget to Rate my service as this is the only way i get credit for my time and expertise on your question (need to click Rate and Finish to complete the Rating).

Dr. Sohaib :


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