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My wife is going crazy after she found out I was cheating with

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My wife is going crazy after she found out I was cheating with a lady she knew while growing up. We hv just being married for about three years now and we have 2 kids. She snaps quite often and becomes very violent and in in about 3 instances resorted to very usual behaviors. She tried smoking, drinking and sometimes taking long walks on the road all alone. She talked about suicide once and I feel terrible what she is going through. How can I help her out of this mess? Anonymous
Hi--have you talked to a doctor about this, and, if not, would she agree to see a therapist like a psychiatrist or psychologist?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
No, we haven't talked to anyone else. She is willing to get help from any expert.
OK. She may be suffering from either a severe depression or perhaps bipolar disorder, but if her behavior is strange, she may have had a schizophrenic break brought on by your infidelity. It sounds as though she may be in real danger of doing harm either to herself or to others so she needs evaluation by a psychiatrist right away. I think she needs evaluation, ongoing intense therapy, and, of course medications that might include an SSRI like Zoloft and perhaps depakote or risperdal
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Do you recommend any expert we can see in Abuja , nigeria? It's closer to where we live!
Hi--give me a few minutes to check that for you