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DrRussMD, Board Certified MD
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Experience:  Board certified Internal medicine and Integrative medicine. Many years of experience all areas.
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i have had a bicycle accident at 14 mod. tbi , unconc for 30

Customer Question

i have had a bicycle accident at 14 mod. tbi , unconc for 30 mins + 2yrs later at 16 infected by lyme disease tic while on hols in austria .
since accident out of 1st teams at grammar school in bristol , and prev in express stream missing yr to o levels but after no memory , co ordination , balance or cognitive ability , all greatly diminished + out of school teams .
since this time i have been increasingly disabled mentally and physically at work and any physical activity generally .
now i am 95% bed/ housebound with chronic head pain to top slight rhs offset , continuous 24/7 and has been increasing in pain since accident and lyme infection .
i want my life back as at only 5 % output for a v long time now 43 yrs of increasing agony , never lets up and getting worse everyday , so losing will to live now and considering euthanasia , its that serious .
have had mri scans to brain and cervical / neck ditto .
neck mri shows discs pressing on spinal chord to mid neck vertebrae and brain scan showed little damage but with solid mass pain to brain in approx 2" square dense mass area with nerves in spasm / shock and when heavy on smallest exertion also reflects on heart which shudders and on recent gp ecg shows lack of oxygen to heart .
i am struggling to stay alive now and need an accurate considered diagnosis , i have spent over £40000 privately : incl 12 wk iv drip anti biotic tmt for lyme app. yrs ago at private clinic in hemel hempstead... breakspear hosp , a bit too late as damage done after inf for app. 38 yrs . + autologous stem cell tmt in tel aviv via my bone marrow removal from hip and injected 6 wks later in istanbul , no effect worsened if anything .
i need action now as i have been in ever decreasing circles with so say specialists at times incl alt therapies : cranio sacral , acupuncture +++ , lost count .
can you please give me a considered response now and if you require futher info please advise asap.
i am now going for an up to date brain /mri scan , and maybe later eeg at burden neurological dept frenchay hosp. bristol , which from a prev specialists reaction seems a bit abnormal although said nothing at time .
my brain is in constant fog and pain dont like talking abt it anymore just want it fixed , as like an engine misfiring all the time .
why cant they operate and fix or bypass damaged cranial nerves and/or repair severe neck compression from bike accident .
appreciate your earliest response and further advice thanks .
i also asked gp if i can have an fmri scan at r.d. dept at med school bristol university >prepared to pay via brother if necessary , but no joy , its not good enough .
ofcourse prepared to travel anywhere for fmri scan as need to get back to work v soon , alot on now and havent been able to work for over 17 yrs.
therefore only income is incap benefit + min dla and pt hsg benefit.
any advice or referal within your prof circle welcome asap thks .

yours sincerely

roger john swan

address : 1b glen drive stoke bishop , bristol , bs9 1sa , u.k.
tel mobile : 0777(NNN) NNN-NNNN
e mail : [email protected]
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  DrRussMD replied 4 years ago.

Dr. Thomas, MD :


Dr. Thomas, MD :

do you have the MRI report of the neck

Expert:  DrRussMD replied 4 years ago.
Do you have an MRI summary report of the neck?