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Dr. P. Jyoti
Dr. P. Jyoti, Consultant MD
Category: Medical
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Experience:  17 yrs experience in treating OPD & Emergency patients.
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I have had an iron infusion last week, am on antibiotics for

Customer Question

I have had an iron infusion last week, am on antibiotics for kidney infection, tonight cant sleep have bad headache, abdo pain, leg cramps, dry mouth, and like a dragging pain in my lower abdo.
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Dr. P. Jyoti replied 4 years ago.

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Dr. P. Jyoti :

hello what did you have the iron infusion for?

Expert:  Dr. P. Jyoti replied 4 years ago.
Hello Mandy,

I was trying to chat live with you.

This could be due to an electrolyte imbalance. Low potassium or high sodium can cause these symptoms. Since you are having a kidney infection and on antibiotics, this can be a possibility.

You need to see your doctor for this ASAP. If symptoms are severe you should go to the ER. Call emergency services if you need help to go to the ER.

Other possibilities are intestinal intussusception, torsion, ischemia of intestines, etc.

The iron infusion is probably not connected to this. Why did you receive this infusion?

For now, take a lot of fluids and specially electrolyte fluids like Gatorade if available, or fruit juices. But of course do not overdo this.

Hope this shows you the way forward - wish you good health and a quick recovery.

I trust my answer has helped you gain more knowledge and confidence about your problem and in knowing what to discuss with your doctor.

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Dr.P.Jyoti, MD.