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I would like second opinion for my mother. Her doctor says

Customer Question

I would like second opinion for my mother. Her doctor says she is dying . She was discharged 2 weeks a go. All healthcare professionals said she was fine. Having been admitted to hospital with a number of infections. She is 89 and suffers from sever arthritis. She is an extremely strong woman. My mother is on morphine and a relaxant now as the Dr has effectively given up on her. I am devastated. MY mother was discharged NOT to die

Last Wednesday the doctor was called as my mother didn't seem well. I saw her that morning before wor and she was fine considering the arthritis. When the doctor was called my sister said that my mother said she didn't want to go into hospital ( I don't believe this) and the Doctor told me on the phone on Thursday (having given a diagnosis on Wednesday) that my mother was dying) that she didn't want my mother to go into hospital as she woundt be able for it she said my mothers heart is to weak. I was taking my mother s pulse rate since sunday morning and her average rate is at least 67/60.

I have been given no clear diagnosis. Now with my mothers heart rate strong the Dr still does not my mammy to go into hospital. My mother body is functioning fine kidneys are working fine. I was just onto the hospital and two ward sisters advised me through the ward clerk to get my mother back into hospital.

My teo sisters want my mother to stay at home I want her to go into hospital. As far as I am concerned the Dr going on what my mother supposedly said. And to be perfectly honest it could have been a mild stroke my mother took so she would have been confused. She told me as late a sunday she did not want to die and for me not to let it happen. I am traumatised and distracted.

I need help as I feel especially one of my sisters is bullying me not allowing my mother the full care she deserves.

Please help!!!!!!!

My phone number is [email protected]
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Dr. D. Love replied 4 years ago.
It will help if you could provide some further information.
Did she have any specific testing of the heart, such as an echocardiogram?
Does your mother tell you that she is wanting to go into the hospital?