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I bashed my shin about three weeks ago, the bruising came out

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I bashed my shin about three weeks ago, the bruising came out on my ankle and disappeared over a 5 day period. I now have a hard lump on my shin painful when walking. I now also have what looks like fluid on my kneecap, is this normal?

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Before being able to assist you in the best manner possible I would need you you to please answer the following questions

1. Are you diagnosed with any medical conditions? If yes then what medication do you take for them?

2. Have you been examined and investigated by a doctor? If yes what were the finding?

3. Do you have pain in your knee area? Can you bend your knee with out any difficulty or pain?

4. Is the temperature over the knee and the swelling area in the shin same as compared to that of the surrounding skin? and is there any change in skin color of both areas?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

I have no medical conditions, only take citalapran for depression. The Knee is quite painful, but not when bending just when I stand, the pain has no moved into my hip and calf area. The temperature over the knee is warm to the touch but no change in colour.


Thank you



Thank you Suzanne for the additional information and for your patience :)

Keeping in view your mechanism of injury, symptoms and medical history this seems highly likely for the swelling to be a part of healing process.

The swelling over the knee may indicate the force of impact (as your shin was bashed) having effected it.

Its been three weeks.So the swelling over the shin that you are feeling may be callus formation which indicates a possible fracture.

So the best plan of action at this place in time would be to see your doctor who can examine you and order most basic and yet crucial investigations that can help with the treatment plan. These would be CBC, X Ray Of the affected part of shin and the knee.

SO yes although this may all be normal part of healing but it would be best not to let it go with out being monitored at least. For example the x ray may reveal your need for a cast and bed rest for effective and better healing.

Hope this helps you :)

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Warm Wishes
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Dear Dr Mask,


I have made an apointment to see my doctor, thankyou for your help. I hate making a fuss and usually let my body heal itself.


Thank you

You are welcome Suzanne :)

Its a positive attitude for not being overly anxious however your situations does merit a check up and investigations.

Please do remember to click on Positive Rating (Preferably number 5 please) otherwise I shall not be credited for my time and effort with you.

Warm Regards
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