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Do you know why my eyelids go redder as the day goes on. They

Customer Question

Do you know why my eyelids go redder as the day goes on. They start the day off normal and get worse as the day goes on until the eve when I look like they are sunburnt. My doctor and beautician have not a clue
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  DrHelen replied 4 years ago.

Hello, I am Dr Helen and I hope I can help you.


You may have a condition called blepharitis. This is an inflammatory problem where the eyelids become red and sore.

It can be caused by an allergy but is sometimes because of infection.


Antibiotic ointment can help if there is any infection present.

If you do have blepharitis hydrocortisone would not help which would explain why you have not noticed any improvement with it.


Here is a link to an NHS site about the condition that tells you much more:


I hope this helps.

Best wishes.



I joined JustAnswer in June 2013 and am a UK doctor. I have been qualified for 23 years and have widespread experience in GP and cancer care.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi its not Blepharitis any other ideas?

Expert:  DrHelen replied 4 years ago.



Other suggestions would be eczema but I would have expected this to respond to the hydrocortisone or an allergy to eye make-up....but again I would expect your beautician to recognise this.


After I have posted this I will "opt out" as an expert and that alerts other experts to come and answer your question too so perhaps between us all we can come up with some other explanations.

Expert:  DrRussMD replied 4 years ago.
Hello from JA
The other expert has opted out.
Does this clear up completely over night?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi, yes it does, its not dry or itchy just goes bright red, to clarify its not the actual lid just above it. I don't wear make up very often and I don't sit in the sun.

Expert:  DrRussMD replied 4 years ago.
So just under the eyebrow?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

yes but not right up to the eyebrows. It kind of runs just below and above the bone

Expert:  DrRussMD replied 4 years ago.
and how long have you had this?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

about a year maybe 18 months

Expert:  DrRussMD replied 4 years ago.
Any other medical problems
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

dodgy knee, no medication, yes I drink. About once or twice a week. Not excessive

Expert:  DrRussMD replied 4 years ago.
So you are likely to not find a cause for this.
IT is often cause unknown, and can be genetic...just you.

You should have your doctor check liver and kidney function with blood tests, and problems here can sometimes case flushing in this area.

Allergy that you are exposed to during the day only is a possibility.

Heart problems in the early stages.

Autoimmune disease [lupus] in the very early stages ANA panel and sed rate can rule this out.

Finally, have your doctor check your thyroid function, thyroid imbalance might cause this finding.

Please let me know if you have further questions.
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