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During exercise my heart rate increases from about 60 as you

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During exercise my heart rate increases from about 60 as you would expect. However it will not go above 120 (fast walk), if I increase to a run then it still remain at 120. It is not maximum heart rate, and I can increase workload further. I do not feel any symptoms. What could be causing this?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
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Hi, Could I ask how old you are please.


Well the reason your heart rate isn't getting up as high is because you've simply become fitter. Your body is now able to sustain your current level of exercise with much less effort than before.


To get it back up again you're going to have to start pushing it harder.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

35. If I work even harder, there is still no change in rate whatsoever, until the monitor jumps to 224 (an error). If I feel my pulse it is fast and weak (I cant really count it because it is week). If I rest again, it will suddlenly drop again to 120 for about 20mins, before slowing back to normal

This sounds quite normal, although it may be worth a visit to your Registered GP, to get a BP Check and also ask for an exercise ECG. That way they can check your heart rate and rhythm as you are exercising
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