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Dr. Chip
Dr. Chip, Board Certified Physician
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Hi There. I dont want to waste anyones time...but about 2 months

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Hi There. I dont want to waste anyones time...but about 2 months ago, i noticed a dent at the top of my right leg. its about 4" long..& 1" wide. then approx 2 weeks ago, i started to get a lot of pain in a sort of half circle starting at the top of my right knee...around the outside & underneath. I dont know if its worse after any particular thing (sitting/exercise etc)...but my co-codamol dont help. ive also got a swelling around my right ankle? is there anyone that can give me any indication what this maybe. many thanks. Mandy age 53
Certainly not a waste of my time, Mandy. Where exactly is the dent and how deep is it? Any trauma involved with any of this and what are your medical conditions and medications?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Its about 2 " from top of leg at the front.. Its about half an inch deep. there is no pain there or sore to touch. Ive had no trauma to that area.

I take Tibolone. amitriptyline & cocodamol when i get trapped nerves up my spine (over 25 years)...but this pain relief is not touching the pain around my knee.

Besides the knee and the ankle is there swelling in the lower leg?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

No...though it feels hot & i think the pain is beginning to spead over time...moreso down my leg. the pain hurts mostly when i get up from a sitting position.

Sorry for the delay. Just one more question--before now no problem with any part of this leg?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

the only thing i can remember was when i fell on my knee about 10-11 years ago. Im pretty sure its this leg...but cant quite remember. if not, then no, not really. i had swelling on the knee from fluid & had physio. it was said at one point i may have chipped a bone at the back of my knee....but it was all a bit vague.


OK Mandy. First off, this concerns me because one possibility is that you've developed a deep venous thrombosus--a clot in a vein in the leg--and if that's the case it could cause a life threatening pulmonary embolus. That said, whatever is going on here is not related to your back. Potentially it could be a first sign of an autoimmune disorder like polymyalgia rheumatica or it could be from a magnesium deficiency. My point is that you need to have this looked at as soon as possible and get a Doppler venous flow study of the leg along with blood work. If it is a DVT you'll need heparin and coumadin to keep the clot from breaking off and getting to your lungs
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