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I have had a surgical abortion today 13 weeks pregnant for

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I have had a surgical abortion today 13 weeks pregnant for medical reasons. I had a general anaesthetic and inserted 400mg of misoprostal vaginally this morning before the op at 3.40pm. I was also given ranitidine and metoclopramide last night and this morning. I had diclofenac in theatre and codeine phosphate post operatively. Whilst my pain is under control & I think the bleeding is normal I have (gaseous) diarrhea and nausea which comes and goes. I am anxious to know whether this is all to be expected as a result of either the procedure and/or anaesthetic and/or perhaps some if the medication I have taken (am wondering whether the ranitidine etc was given to counteract misoprostal or anaesthetic effects ? Thank you
Hi. The nausea and the gas is totally to be expected after the general anaesthesia and the medications you were given and that should resolve by tomorrow. The ranitidine was mainly to keep the diclofenac from giving you heartburn and it is known to cause some diarrhea along with the metoclopramide. Basically all your present symptoms are from the meds and the anaesthesia and all this should resolve within the next 36 hours
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Thank you very much
My pleasure Victoria--any time
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Sorry to bother you again but I'm now one week on from the surgery and have lower abdominal discomfort and back pain - abdo pain feels bowel related and in fact increases before needing to empty bowels and bladder. It's not all the time but is it normal ? I only have slight and occasional bleeding now - mix between fresh streaked mucous and brown but not offensive or anything. I'm not in agony & it's not all the time - am due to see my GP next Wednesday but have to go away for a few days now & just thought I'd seek your advice as to whether you think this is anything to worry about ? Am just worried about possible bladder/bowel/uterine perforation but would I have had symptoms earlier than this & would it be more severe/constant ? My temp is normal - have a slight headache this morning but I think that's because I didn't sleep well.
Sorry for the delay Victoria. Can you tell me more about the abdominal pain and are your bowel movements formed and normal appearing?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
It's like a bearing down spasmodic pain before bowel motion - eases with going to toilet then abdo just feels a bit raw - stools are normal looking formed but small - It's difficult to explain the pain but I guess it's not dissimilar to constipation which is maybe all it is ? I am drinking lots of fluids - when I empty bladder it also causes discomfort - again a sort of bearing. down raw feeling as I come to the end of urinatiion. I did have UTI before the termination but when re checked before the op it was clear. I don't feel unwell in myself it's really just a niggling discomfort in my stomach area. Maybe the whole area is just tender after surgery & meds ?
OK Victoria. No, not a bowel, bladder, or urine perforation--nothing you've told me indicates that. I think it's still just typical post surgical symptoms and they should resolve soon. No need to worry. Just keep the followup appointment with your GP next week.