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Dr Peter Bush
Dr Peter Bush, Doctor
Category: Medical
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Hi, I have AC joint irritation Dr said like bruised bones fom

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Hi, I have AC joint irritation Dr said like bruised bones fom running together. He gave me cortisone into right shoulder testers to try settle it down. He said to rest for 3 days but not sure if that means gym work or total rest. He also said no gym work above shoulder height but golf running etc is fine. Does he mean I can run now ie today or is total rest required

Dr Peter Bush :

Hi, Thank you for your question.

Dr Peter Bush :

Have you seen the orthopedic surgeons?

Customer: Nope just Dr for ultra sound scan
Dr Peter Bush :

Given the fact he has given you a cortisone injection. I would have complete rest for 1 to 2 days and then return to gentle exercise

Dr Peter Bush :

As any form of running / golf will put strain on your shoulder.

Customer: Ok even running
Dr Peter Bush :

Yes even running, as the shock will travel up to the shoulders, have complete rest for around 2 days and then start getting back into gentle exercise

Dr Peter Bush :

You will need to see how things go and whether the cortisone injections do re-leave the pain within your shoulder joint. If not you will require a referral to the orthopedic surgeons, so they can further assess the irritation.

Customer: Ok, PT said golf is ok is she right
Dr Peter Bush :

If the PT has said that golf is okay within your case, then she has your full case notes, so although I would suggest taking it easy for at least 2 days, Golf is not a huge strain and could be done.

Customer: Ok so golf less than running strain
Dr Peter Bush :

Yes golf is less than running, I would avoid running, as the strain from this would be damaging for you

Customer: Ok I have been running lots and ran half marathon last weekend a d have another in 2 weeks time should I stop running for how long? The Dr who have injection said running ok but not site if he ment after the 3 days of rest
Dr Peter Bush :

Running would be okay after 2/3 days rest.

Dr Peter Bush :

You just need to give the area time to rest and then you can resume normal activity.

Customer: Ok so golf tomorrow is ok then but nothing else
Dr Peter Bush :

Yes, that would be the way forward, and running can be resumed 2/3 days after the injection

Dr Peter Bush :

If you could leave a positive rate below and any further questions can be asked at any time

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Forgot to ask can i use cross trainer but not using arms
Yes you can use a cross trainer.