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Dr Peter Bush
Dr Peter Bush, Doctor
Category: Medical
Satisfied Customers: 49
Experience:  Member of the Institute of Healthcare Management
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Do you think you can with the problem of e.d

Customer Question

Do you think you can with the problem of e.d
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Dr Peter Bush replied 4 years ago.

Dr Peter Bush :

Hi Thanks for your question, what exactly do you wish to know?

JACUSTOMER-fa544piy- : Can you help with ed
Dr Peter Bush :

you mean erectile dysfunction yes

JACUSTOMER-fa544piy- : Yes
Dr Peter Bush :

Right ok, I can see you have already tried using a pump and also viagra. Did neither of these work at all

JACUSTOMER-fa544piy- : Not very well Viagra gives me a headache and the pump is not very good
Dr Peter Bush :

Right ok, have you seen your GP about this

JACUSTOMER-fa544piy- : Yes ,but has not been helpfull
Dr Peter Bush :

You can see any GP at your surgery, so if you feel another GP may be better you can see them iunstead of your usual doctor. Have you had any tests done at the hospital

JACUSTOMER-fa544piy- : Would like to make an appointment to see someone to discuss face to face
Dr Peter Bush :

It would depend what is causing your E.D to the treatment options that can be tried, treatment for ED is becoming better. You can make an appointment at your own surgery anytime to see someone else within your practise

JACUSTOMER-fa544piy- : Not much help
Dr Peter Bush :

There are a number of tests that one of your own GPs can send you for which would give a better indication of what is causing your ED

Dr Peter Bush :

Once the cause has been identified, then treatment should progress effectively. There are a number of lifestyle changes which could also help

Dr Peter Bush :
Dr Peter Bush :

exercising regularly