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My friend has has a diagnosis of her throat as probably schrakzring

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My friend has has a diagnosis of her throat as probably schrakzring of the oesophagus she is not sure what this means. She had a private consultation and has been referred back to the N.H.S. and her doctor but would like more information.

She has trouble swallowing and can only swallow liquids. The same thing happened about five years ago and the N.H.S. put something down her throat to widen it. They said she had a small swallow, but my friend does not think that this is the case, she is 80 yrs

Welcome to Justanswer

A schatzki ring is a benign (opposite of malignant which means deadly) circumferential ring of tissue around the point where the esophagus ends and the stomach begins.

No one knows the exact cause for the formation of this ring. people may have it and not know it since it may not give any symptoms.

However at times it may decrease in diameter causing the narrowing of the lower end of esophagus (food pipe) which can make the swollowing harder specially for solids.

The best way to diagnose it would be with the help of an endoscope. Treatment for a ring that has started effecting the life of a patient would be through fracturing or stretching it during endoscopy.

If however she has her reservations she can discuss them with her doctor and if he/she deems it appropriate a biopsy may be taken during the same endoscopy which would clarify for sure whether there is any thing serious to it ot its just a benign growth.

Hope this explains the situation to you

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