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Dr. Natasha
Dr. Natasha, Doctor
Category: Medical
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Experience:  American Board Certified in Emergency Medicine, Ivy League trained
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Please help shed some light on what is going on with my head.

Customer Question

Please help shed some light on what is going on with my head. I have periods when I feel like I have a cement blanket over my brain. It feels like there is a constant heaviness that weighs on my brain. I struggle to think and any thinking requiring logic or reason is out of the question. I also have difficulty remembering any information moments after I am given it and focusing on conversations I am taking part in.

I am finding it frustrating and a little frightening. It is effecting all aspects of my life especially work
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Dr. Natasha replied 4 years ago.

Dr. Natasha : hello
Dr. Natasha : are you there?
Dr. Natasha : do you snore?
Dr. Natasha : please type and hit reply
Dr. Natasha : I have some questions I need to ask y ou
JACUSTOMER-33b3pzae- : Just back. Hello
Dr. Natasha : hi
Dr. Natasha : do you snore?
JACUSTOMER-33b3pzae- : Yes I've been told I occasionally snore
Dr. Natasha : Have you had any sore of sleep study?
JACUSTOMER-33b3pzae- : No
Dr. Natasha : any stress or history of depression?
JACUSTOMER-33b3pzae- : Yes to both. Came off of citalopram 8 months ago and haven't felt any depression symptoms until the last 2 weeks. I've been feeling increasingly apathetic & lethargic but associated it with this inability to think properly.
Dr. Natasha : have you had your thyroid checked recently?
JACUSTOMER-33b3pzae- : About 18 months ago & gp said it was within normal levels
Dr. Natasha : how lonh have you had these symptoms?
Dr. Natasha : how long have you had these symptpms
Dr. Natasha : are you still with me?
Dr. Natasha : how long have you had the issues with focusing?
JACUSTOMER-33b3pzae- : Still here! Off & on for 3 weeks always accompanied by this heaviness
Dr. Natasha : thanks
Dr. Natasha : well, often these symptoms are from thyroid dosese
Dr. Natasha : *disase
Dr. Natasha : but often it is undiagnosed sleep apnea
Dr. Natasha : I would HIGHLY recommend that you get a sleep study
Dr. Natasha : it is easy and a quick fix if this is the case
Dr. Natasha : If the study is normal, I would consider speaking to your doctor about depression
Dr. Natasha : This is another common cause.
Dr. Natasha : You may not feel depressed, but your inability to concnentrate suggest otherwise
Dr. Natasha : and it is making you more anxious
JACUSTOMER-33b3pzae- : And actually varying pins & needles on my hands & feet
Dr. Natasha : interesting
Dr. Natasha : how about vitamin b12 or folate levels checked
JACUSTOMER-33b3pzae- : Isn't sleep apnea normally caused by being over weight, smoking or excessive alcohol consumption? I am not over weight, a smoker and rarely drink alcohol.
Dr. Natasha : no actually not necessarily
Dr. Natasha : I know some thin people who have floppy soft palates
Dr. Natasha : or you may have another sleeping disorder which is preventing you from getting sleep
Dr. Natasha : honestly, it is the next step for you
Dr. Natasha : and if this is normal, and your thyroid is normal, you need to see a psychiatrist
JACUSTOMER-33b3pzae- : How long is the typical waiting time on the NHL for a sleep clinic?
Dr. Natasha : I don't actually know
Dr. Natasha : I am reading that it is about 1 monthh
JACUSTOMER-33b3pzae- : I do grind my teeth very badly & wear a night guard but often take it out in my sleep...probably because I I can't get a good grind going with it in! I would have associated poor sleep as having this kind of impact on my life!
Dr. Natasha : yeah, that may have a lot to do with it!
JACUSTOMER-33b3pzae- : isassociated is this sleep study something I could get done privately?
Dr. Natasha : oh yes, you can definitely speed it up that way
JACUSTOMER-33b3pzae- : Do I still need to go through my gp to access it privately?
Dr. Natasha : they may have a place which is good that they recommend, but you can do anything privately :-)
Dr. Natasha : but I would start with your GP
Dr. Natasha : they are a good resource and they can help you interpret the results and figure oua a plan
JACUSTOMER-33b3pzae- : if sleep apnea is the problem and it certainly sounds a likely suspect what medical cures or preventions are available? Is there anything I can do myself in the mean time?
Dr. Natasha : there is nothing really do right now
Dr. Natasha : because you are not overweight and you don't smoke
Dr. Natasha : they give you a special machine to use at night or you may want suregry
JACUSTOMER-33b3pzae- : I take amytriptoline (sp) every night because of my teeth grinding could this add to the problem?
Dr. Natasha : probably not- and if you stopped taking it, it would make you have withdrawal symptoms and insomnia
Dr. Natasha : wait for the sleep study
JACUSTOMER-33b3pzae- : Will make an appointment with gp tomorrow and hopefully rush a sleep study through because the way I've felt today has prevented me from doing anything. Can't imagine tolerating many more days like this!
Dr. Natasha : great. and get your thyroid checked
Dr. Natasha : TSH should be 0.3 to 3.0
Dr. Natasha : you never know :-)
Dr. Natasha : I hope that I provided you with excellent service? :-)?
JACUSTOMER-33b3pzae- : I will request blood tests as well. Thanks Natasha, you've been very informative. I appreciate your insite.
Dr. Natasha : you are welcome . I will check in with you in a couple of weeks
Dr. Natasha : I hope that I provided you with excellent service? :-)?
Dr. Natasha : hello?
JACUSTOMER-33b3pzae- : Yes excellent, thanks
Dr. Natasha : great. sleep well :-)
JACUSTOMER-33b3pzae- : If only!!!