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Dr Uzair
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My son has a blister sore on his forearm and it started as

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My son has a blister sore on his forearm and it started as a small sore and is now around 1.5cm in diameter and seems to be getting bigger, there is also another small red pimple appeared next to this one but no contact between the two and this seems to be getting bigger. The blister/sore is not itchy so we are not convinced it is eczema we used Sudocrem there first couple of days which did not help has it still got bigger so we visited the GP who prescribed fucidin cream this was yesterday and it still seems to be getting bigger? Any ideas of what it might be, the GP just recommended us to see a dermatologist which the earliest appointment is Sunday and don't really want to wait another (3) days with the rate it is spreading. Also there has been some cases of the hand/foot and mouth disease in his school over the past few weeks and although he has not had the symptoms fully he has had mouth ulcers, sore throat and stomach ache but nothing else, the GP did not think it was this but could it be related? Maybe mild symptoms?
Hi. Welcome to JustAnswer. I shall try my best to assist you while you are corresponding with me.

Q. Can you send me a picture of the lesion, you can use the paper pin icon on the top of this text box in the tool bar.
Q. Is there any redness around the blister?

Q. Does the blister appear to be filled with clear fluid or is it red fluid?

Q. Fever?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Hi we have never noticed any fluid, it may have happened when it was small, it is all red and the skin around is reddish, there is currently no fever, I'm using a IPad but can't find the paper pin icon to attach photo??
Alright, that is quite okay.

This seems like localized cellulitis of the skin or bullous Impetigo. This can be a serious thing in children especially if the pathogen involved is a streptococcus pyogenes, though, bullous impetigo usually involves staph aureus. But since, I haven't seen the lesion, I can not comment whether it is bullous or non bullous.
I suggest that you take him to his physician and get this cultured. The test will reveal the pathogen involved and also test antibiotics to which it is sensitive to, this will give a clear indication of what this is and which antibiotic should be used to counter it.
Mean while, the culture report becomes available, I think he should be on oral antibiotics instead of topical antibiotic creams alone. Fusidic acid cream (fuscidin) is good choice of topical application since it counters strepts and staphs, but an oral antibiotic should be used as well, in my opinion.
Gently wash the areas of infected skin with clean gauze and antiseptic soap every day. Soak any areas of crusted skin in warm soapy water to help remove the layers of crust (it is not necessary to completely remove all of it).
Also, keep the child in minimal contact with other children in the house or in the neighbourhood, this can be contagious.
The lesion should heal within 7 days of starting the topical antibiotic ointment provided the bacteria is sensitive to it.
Hope this helps.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Thanks for the reply, Do you have an e-mail we can send the photo too?
I apologize but as per the site policy, I can not give my email out on the thread. However, you can get in touch with the site administration and they can help you with that and contact me with the picture.
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