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Dr. Natasha
Dr. Natasha, Doctor
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"Hello, I have been taking Promethazine a s asleep aid for

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"Hello, I have been taking Promethazine a s asleep aid for three weeks. I have slowly stopped, but now can't sleep for more than three hours and have itching and a dry mouth. Any advice appreciated.

Dr. Natasha : Hello
Dr. Natasha : Any other medical problems or medications?
Dr. Natasha : Hello?

I have Turners Syndrome, I don't make my own hormones, so I take HRT daily.

Dr. Natasha : Well the itching and dry mouth are not symptoms of promethazine withdrawal
Dr. Natasha : in fact promethazine does not tend to cause many withdrawal symptoms unless it is combined with codeine or demerol

Okay, thought they might be. perhaps its not the sleep aid then? Thanks

Dr. Natasha : You can get a dry mouth if you are taking it but not after tapering off
Dr. Natasha : It sounds like you may be allergic to something
Dr. Natasha : or you may need labs to check kidney and liver function because this can cause itching and dry mouth

Thanks for the advice. I'm confused then. I only took one tablet last week. Thanks again.

Dr. Natasha : i would take Benadryl- this is a different type of antihistamine and will help you sleep

Thank you, XXXXX XXXXX try Benadryl.

Dr. Natasha : and if this doesn't help, see your GP for a workup including the labs I suggested
Dr. Natasha : Keep me posted
Dr. Natasha : will check in with you in 3 days
Dr. Natasha : i hope that I provided you with excellent service? :-)?
Dr. Natasha : Hello?

Yes, you have ben very helpful, thank you.

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