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I have a swelling type lump on my shin its not painful and

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I have a swelling type lump on my shin its not painful and i haven't had any bumps or bangs on my leg its soft to touch

Welcome to Justanswer

I would need some additional information before being able to help you understand the situation in the best manner possible.

1. Is it compressible?

2. Can you feel it as a mobile swelling under the skin ? giving soapy, slippery feel?

3. Is it always there or does it come and go with standing or lying?

4. Since how long have you had it?

4. What medical conditions are diagnosed for you and what medication do you take for them?

5. Have you been examined/investigated for it?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

it is compressible i dont think its mobile some days it reduces with rest but does not go completely i noticed it about 8 weeks ago i take 1 blood pressure tablet per day and one tablet for cholestral i haven't had it examined yet but am seeing my doctor on wednesday

Thank you for the additional information and for you patience :)

Its pattern of presentation, being compressible, not painful, not vanishing completely, you have not mentioned any skin color changes or changes in skin temperature over it and considering your age makes it highly likely to be a lipoma.

A lipoma is a benign (harmless) tumor (growth) of the fat tissue that can occur under the skin at various sites of the body. It is only removed/taken for cosmetic purposes or when it is painful or shows an increase in size and sent for biopsy as a protocol for being sure.

Please do understand that my being unable to examine you physically makes me unable to tell with full certainty that it is a lipoma however the information makes it highly likely to be one.

Other possibility could be a vein however that should most likely disappear with rest.

So at this place in time you do not need to worry about it and it would be best not to miss your appointment so that it may be physically examined and investigated if your doctor feels the need for it.

Hope this helped you understand the situation in the best manner possible :)

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Warm Regards
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