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i had a c section 4 weeks ago and although the incision is

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i had a c section 4 weeks ago and although the incision is healing well i have bad back pain and feel run down as if i have a cold. dont have a temperature and no sniffling or sneasing
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There are two levels of answer to this question.

Yes, it is OK to take any of these medicines for 6 weeks. There are some people that need these medicines for much longer periods of time. Of course, side effects can occur any time that someone is on a medicine, and there is a cumulative risk over time. With anti-inflammatory medicines, there is a risk of developing irritation of the stomach or ulcers. Most people tolerate these medicines well, but we will always try to keep the length of treatment to the shortest that is needed for whatever problem is present.

However, the other issue is whether it would be appropriate to pursue further evaluation rather than just continuing pain medicines for 6 weeks. It is generally appropriate to try to manage such symptoms at home for a short period of time to see if it resolves spontaneously. But it would be reasonable to see your physician for further evaluation if the symptoms persist for more than a couple weeks. Depending upon the evaluation, your doctor may advise you to continue the medicines, and they would be OK to continue, as noted above, but it would be appropriate to consider whether other interventions would be appropriate.

If you have any further questions, please let me know.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

shall i stay on the pain killers for another 2 weeks which would take me up to my 6 week check or go see a doctor now? is it normal to feel very achy 4 weeks after c section.


i did a bit too much a couple of days ago so have just been resting in bed but i really need to get out and about a bit, what do you suggest?


If the symptoms have just started, then it would be appropriate to use the medicines for another 2 weeks. If you have had the symptoms for 2 weeks, then it would be appropriate to be seen now.

It is not typical to have new onset of aching such as you describe starting 4 weeks after a c-section. If you did a significant increase in activity a couple of days ago, that could explain much of your symptoms, but this will usually resolve over a few days.

Some women with a newborn that are not getting good sleep can develop diffuse aching related to the poor sleep, but that is true whether delivered by c-section or vaginally.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

last one, i promise!


will it help for me to stay in bed for a couple more days or am i best doing a little bit of moving around, out for food and coffee?


which painkiller would i be best with? paracetamol or nurofen?

The level of activity should be dictated by the level of symptoms. In general, people should try to be as active as possible, although getting plenty of rest. If you get worsening symptoms with minimal activity, then it would be better to rest to a greater extent.

The Nurofen is usually better for more people for the symptoms that you describe. Some people say that the paracetamol is better for them, but for someone that does not already know that paracetamol works better for them, I typically recommend the Nurofen, unless there is a condition present that would preclude the use of the Nurofen (such as a history of ulcers).

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