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My grandmother who is 89 had two strokes and a heart attack

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My grandmother who is 89 had two strokes and a heart attack a few years ago (all diagnosed several days after they originally happened) but recovered really well and is still living by herself and even looking after her garden. She has some problems with blood pressure (I understand it drops too low sometimes) but is otherwise really fit and healthy. She is on some medications for her heart but I do not know what it is. A few days ago she started complaining that her left leg hurts a bit, her toes and foot go tingly and numb, and she's been limping a bit. My mum only found out about it when she spoke to her today (she lives away). She doesn't want to go and see a doctor and says that if she goes to hospital she'd never leave (she's quite anxious about doctors and hospitals). Any ideas what this could be?
Hi--two possibilities here. One would be a pinched nerve from a disk in her spine and the other would be a significant blockage of an artery in here let. All I can say is she should have a doctor look into this because if it is an artery problem she might be in danger of gangrene of the foot and possible amputation without treatment
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