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Dr. David
Dr. David, Board Certified MD
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im trying to conceive . me and my partner have been sexuly

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im trying to conceive . me and my partner have been sexuly active for over 8 months but nothing .. my period has been late couple times but i always end up getting my period . ive never been on any type of birth control . im 20 and we want to conceive our first child. what can i do ?

Dr. David : This is dr David
Dr. David : he need to get his sperm count tested
Dr. David : often times guys can have low sperm count
Dr. David : many couples have to try for more than a year before they can conceive
Dr. David : so you still need to keep trying

can something be wrong with either both of us ?

Dr. David : are you timing inter course around the time if the month when you ovulate?
Dr. David : He could have low sperm count
Dr. David : that is why he might need to have a sperm count tested

yes we often have sex all the week when im ovulating


umm he smokes alot if weed can that be the reason ?!

Dr. David : Yes smoking a lot of weed can drop his sperm counts
Dr. David : He needs to stop that to get a better chance to conceive

so the reason why i cant get pregnant faster is because of his low sperm and the cause of it is him smoking weed ?

Dr. David : That could be the reason
Dr. David : only medical testing can tell for sure

because like i said when i ovulate theirs times when we do it more than 3 times a day trying to concive but nothing


is their any medication we can take ?

Dr. David : I understand
Dr. David : No medication
Dr. David : best for him to quit weed for a while

because alot of friends have told me that theirs a type of medication that makes u ovulate faster or something like that

Dr. David : Yes there are fertility medications like clomid
Dr. David : but that doesn't matter if he is not producing proper sperm counts
Dr. David : he needs to see a fertility clinic and get a sperm count evaluation

and where can he go to get that done ?

Dr. David : At a fertility clinic

with a gynecologist ? or can he go to plann parenthood ?



Dr. David : He can start at a planned parenthood and ask if they do sperm count testing there
Dr. David : that would be a good place to start
Dr. David : Best if luck to you and him
Dr. David : let me know if you have other questions
Dr. David : if done for now please leave positive feedback below

thank u ... im so lost with fertility

Dr. David : It is ok
Dr. David : the planned parenthood they can give you lots if good information

so how does the paying thing work ?

Dr. David : And help you answer your questions as well
Dr. David : Here or planned parenthood?


Dr. David : You have set the level of your question

did i pay for only this conversation or am i going to be abel to speak to u again some other time if i have any questions ?


or do i pay for as many question si ask?

Dr. David : I am here if you have other questions

yes but only now ?

Dr. David : you can always access this link to ask follow up questions

ok and do i have to pay again ?

Dr. David : I just ask that when you are done for now to leave positive feedback
Dr. David : so I can get credit for helping you

ok i will

Dr. David : If you start a new question series with a new topic you have to pay again

but my question is if i have any other question some other day do i have to pay again or can i just open this page and ask ?


ohh ok .. thanks

Dr. David : but if you use this question series and stay on this topic then you can ask other questions later

ok thank u so much

Dr. David : You are welcome
Dr. David : do you see the feedback area below?

take care and i hope it is the sperm count u said

Dr. David : Good luck

thank u

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