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Dr. Mark
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Hi, I have problem of increased urination with more deluted

Customer Question

Hi, I have problem of increased urination with more deluted urine from time to time. It happens when I am at cool environment or after spending some time sitting down or during night or in the morning. My kidneys have been checked. Kreatinine was found to be 140 once but 3 times it was around 80-90. My ADH hormon fluctuates and it was only 1.6(ref:1-5.5) at a time when I had the problem, and 6.3 at a time when I was urinating normally. I have calcification found on my Prostate and bacteria in the cemen - Enterococus faecalis. I have taken antibiotics: Ciproflocsacin, Levofloxacin, Flagil. There was no improvement. I would like to know what is causing my symptoms as at the moment they are comming everyday and come with dizziness and fatique. My energy level is very low and I am getting tired very fast. Please help me to find out what is wrong with me.
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Dr. Mark replied 4 years ago.

Dr. Mark : Hi, from what I can tell, your kidney function is normal and there is no infection. It sounds like this is a bladder and or prostate problem.
Dr. Mark : Has your prostate or bladder been evaluated?
Dr. Mark : Have you had blood work to check the hemoglobin and thyroid function?
Dr. Mark : The calcification in the prostate makes me think that your prostate may be enlarged. That causes urination problems. In addition to the above tests I inquired about, have a PSA level drawn. That helps often to determine prostate size, infection, or cancer.
JACUSTOMER-7kwcm68x- :

Can the calcificates of the prostate cause sen sitivity to cold and more urine being past as quantity as well the urine is deluted as around 1005 - 1007 density

Dr. Mark : The calcification themselves cause no problem.
Dr. Mark : They just indicate that your prostate may be enlarged.
JACUSTOMER-7kwcm68x- :

PSA has been checked and is 0.3, for the tyroid Free T4 was 18.2 (ref: 12-22), TSH 1.4 (ref:0.4 - 3.8)

Dr. Mark : The density of the urine is mainly determined by the amount of liquids you drink
JACUSTOMER-7kwcm68x- :

I have been told by urologist that it's not enlarged but feels hard

Dr. Mark : Those labs are fine. My suggestion is a referral to a urologist
Dr. Mark : There can also be bladder problems. A urologist can do a variety of simple office techniques to test your bladder capacity and function.
JACUSTOMER-7kwcm68x- :

I wake up at night and go to toilet with normal urine. Then 1 to 2 hours later without drinking water I go again with deluted urine, and again after another hour and a bit with around 1005 density, when the last water intake was the privious evening.

Dr. Mark : Not all urologists have the equipment in their office for such testing.
JACUSTOMER-7kwcm68x- :

This happens in the morning 7 to 9 hours after the last water intake. Then I get dizzi as well

Dr. Mark : That is suggestive of a bladder problem. Either an overactive bladder or .a lazy bladder that doesn't empty fully. Both are referred to as a neurogenic bladder. Not serious and can be treated.
Dr. Mark : A urologist can do what's called cystometric testing to determine the problem.
JACUSTOMER-7kwcm68x- :

I have been checked by urologist for left urine in the bladder after urinating but there was no urine left and they told me that it's OK

Dr. Mark : Probably did a sonogram or ultrasound. That tests for retained urine. But it doesn't sound like he tested you for an over active bladder. That's my suggestion as the next step.
Dr. Mark : It's quite common problem and treatable
JACUSTOMER-7kwcm68x- :

Can this condition cause this deluted urine and dizziness

Dr. Mark : No, but the dilution you refer to, or what is called osmolality, is a function of the amount of fluid intake. I wouldn't be concerned about that. The frequent urination sounds like an over active bladder.
JACUSTOMER-7kwcm68x- :

As well as having more urine then liquids intake in 24 hours as well as loss of weight. Around 5-6 Kg from 70 to 64-65kg in two months.

Dr. Mark : The dizziness is not related to the bladder unless you get concerned and hyperventilate. That could cause dizziness.
Dr. Mark : If you truly passed more urine then fluid intake, then your kidney function would not be normal.
Dr. Mark : I believe your frequent urination is due to the bladder malfunctioning.
Dr. Mark : See the urologist again and ask about an over active bladder