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Dr. Natasha
Dr. Natasha, Doctor
Category: Medical
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Experience:  American Board Certified in Emergency Medicine, Ivy League trained
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my sn has been referred to a neurologist because he appears

Customer Question

my sn has been referred to a neurologist because he appears to walk on the outside of his foot should i be worried
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Dr. Natasha replied 4 years ago.

Dr. Natasha : Hello
Dr. Natasha : are you still there?
Dr. Natasha : How old is your son?
Dr. Natasha : any other symptoms
Dr. Natasha : any pain ?
Dr. Natasha : Any X-rays done?
Dr. Natasha : Please type the answers to my questions
JACUSTOMER-oyh6atp0- : He is 5 years old. He doesn't say he has pain. He just seems to walk funny. He has seen a physiotherapist and they have given him boots that are built up. He hasn't had an xray
JACUSTOMER-oyh6atp0- : Are you there have you received my reply
Dr. Natasha : Hi
Dr. Natasha : well going to a neurologist is quite a strange referral
Dr. Natasha : He needs to see a podiatrist
Dr. Natasha : he could have a plantar wart, a foreign body, a small fracture or growth
Dr. Natasha : but he needs films and an evaluation by a foot doctor
Dr. Natasha : If the exam was normal, then a referral to a neurologist could be considered
Dr. Natasha : or if he had weakess elsewhere
JACUSTOMER-oyh6atp0- : What would they be looking for by referring to a neurologist I'm scared of muscular dystrophy not because there is any history just that I have heard of it being diagnosed by neurologists
Dr. Natasha : Muscular dystrophy, mitochondrial disease, spinal muscular atrophy, spinal cord lesion
Dr. Natasha : but usually they have delayed motor milestones
Dr. Natasha : and more proximal muscle weakness
Dr. Natasha : But it seems like a strong leap to see a neurologist in the absence of X-rays and evaluation by a podiatrist
JACUSTOMER-oyh6atp0- : What is proximal muscle weakness
Dr. Natasha : Weakness in the thighs
Dr. Natasha : so more issues with climbing stairs or jumping
JACUSTOMER-oyh6atp0- : Thank fully he can jump and climbing stairs doesn't give him any problems. It's just the walking and appears to only be one leg that gives him a problem
Dr. Natasha : Which is why I don't think it is neurological
Dr. Natasha : like MD
Dr. Natasha : because more muscle groups would be affected
Dr. Natasha : both limbs
Dr. Natasha : Please get an X-ray and see a podiatrist
Dr. Natasha : And keep me posted ok?
Dr. Natasha : Hello
Dr. Natasha : Are you still there
Expert:  Dr. Natasha replied 4 years ago.
It appeared that our chat did not close properly.
Was there something I can clarify or did I provide you with excellent service? :-)?