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I recently attended my GPs due to unusal tiredness, twice weekly

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I recently attended my GPs due to unusal tiredness, twice weekly heavy menstruation and strong odour when not menstruating (am 47 female) When GP left the room I checked my last full blood results from 2012 and notcied a warning sign by lymphocytes and the indicator was outside the range/brackets it was presented as:

! Lymphocyets (some wording here) I [ ]

I was not informed of this - and am concerned can you please advise me.

My general health is good , when I turned 40 diagnosed underactive thyroid (100mg daily Thyroxine) Ectopic at 41 (have 3 healthy normal birth children) Am smoker but ACTIVE take part in triathlons exercised regularly since young age always been size 10 clothes am 5ft 7
Did you notice the numeric results?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

No unfortunately not

Without knowing the number, it is difficult to say that it is even significantly abnormal. The total white blood count is comprised of five different types of white blood cells, and when each of the five different white blood cell types vary within the respective normal range, the percentage of one or more of the different types may be abnormal, even though each individual type is normal. This is a normal situation.

If the absolute number of lymphocytes was truly abnormal (increased or decreased), the most common cause (by a large margin) would be a viral infection. Even if you were not having any symptoms, it was likely a subclinical infection, so that there was lab evidence without symptoms.

There also are some other infections that can cause an increase in lymphocytes, although these other infections are less likely to cause lab changes without symptoms. It is also possible that an increase in lymphocytes can be due to something more serious, such as lymphoma or leukemia, but this would also typically cause a more dramatic increase in the elevation of lymphocytes or will have the presence of immature forms that can be seen under the microscope. Of all people that present with abnormal lymphocytes, this is a very small number of patients, and if there is no dramatic increase or immature forms present, it would be even less likely. If there are no worrisome symptoms or findings on exam, then there is no reason for concern or further evaluation, which is why your doctor apparently did not comment upon the result.

If you have any further questions or need clarification, please let me know.

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