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Dr. SH
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After a diagnosis of a gastrointestinal carcinoid tumour ,

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After a diagnosis of a gastrointestinal carcinoid tumour , how long does it take to remove that tumour ?

Dr. Shahzad MD :

Hi there. Thank you for your question. I will be helping you out with your queries

Dr. Shahzad MD :

Which part of the intestine is the tumor located in?

Dr. Shahzad MD :

How was it diagnosed?

Dr. Shahzad MD :

What symptoms did you have?

Dr. Shahzad MD :

Also mention your age and gender. Thank you.

Customer: The middle part of the small intestine.
Customer: Its was was diagnoisd through blood rest and colonoscopy
Customer: My symptoms were , always being very tired , weight loss for no reason , low blood pressure , low white blood cells, fast heartbeat , nausea pain. In my rectom, short of brether , diarrhea and constipation. Change of colour in stool. N feeling bloated .
Customer: 24 and female
Dr. Shahzad MD :


Dr. Shahzad MD :

What does your doctor say about the surgery?

Dr. Shahzad MD :

I mean when does he want to do it?

Customer: Endoscopic resection
Dr. Shahzad MD :

Which part of the small intestine is the tumor located.

Customer: The middle
Dr. Shahzad MD :

If its in the small intestine then colonoscopy should not have picked it as this test only looks at the large intestine.

Customer: I have had numerous test done over the last couple months , colonoscopy was jus one of them , n part of the final test. I had done to confirm the tumour , I've has various scans done and various blood test aswell.
Customer: I went a bit blank when told it was a tumour and was just hoping you would be able to tell me what sort of time period I'm looking at before having it removed as feel like I would like to cut myself of from. Everyone including doctors etc . Can u help me with this question ?
Dr. Shahzad MD :

Have you had a biopsy done to confirm that its a carcinoid tumor?
Have you had a urine test for 5-HIAA (5-hydroxyindoleacetic acid)

Customer: I have had a urine test. Die
Customer: done, and a ct. Scan .
Dr. Shahzad MD :

Ok so you are following up with a gastroenterologist?

Dr. Shahzad MD :

I think that this tumor should be removed as soon as your doctor can.

Dr. Shahzad MD :

I mean in a month or two at the most.

Customer: I paid to go private after a long time of suffering with abdominal pain.
Customer: I jus blanked out the doctor I saw was very kind n helpful , but I jus couldn't take anything in , I listen to the basics of the operation , but was just blank , he mentioned something to me about carcinoid syndrome , and having hormone therapy. Is this normal ?
Customer: I think the other one was interferon therapy or treatment ? But I'm not to sure again ,
Dr. Shahzad MD :

Yes that is normal, carcinoid syndrome happens when a person has a carcinoid tumor that is releasing various substances like serotonin.

Customer: Do you know roughly how long I would be having this treatment for ?
Dr. Shahzad MD :

Treatment is with octreotide which reduces secretion of serotonin and reduces symptoms

Dr. Shahzad MD :

are you currently on any treatment?

Customer: I'd like to know as much as possible before my next appointment . So I do have an understanding.
Customer: No I'm not , but I have an appointment to Moros
Customer: tomorrow
Customer: To discuss surgery n treatment etc
Dr. Shahzad MD :

Ok great. Let me make you understand what you are having and what should be done from the start.

Customer: Ok thank you ,
Dr. Shahzad MD :

- Carcinoid tumor is a rare tumor in the intestine that can present with a huge number of symptoms which are not only due to the effects of tumor blocking the intestine but also due to the various hormones and substances that this particular tumor is capable of releasing. These substances like serotonin, when released produce a lot of symptoms such as diarrhea, flushing, increased heart rate, sweating etc. When the tumor is releasing these substances then this is given the name of carcinoid syndrome rather than carcinoid tumor.

Dr. Shahzad MD :

If these things are not released by the tumor then its simply called a tumor and is removed.

Dr. Shahzad MD :

- The definitive treatment of this condition is surgical removal or endoscopic removal.

Dr. Shahzad MD :

- Removal should be carried out as soon as your doctor and you agree on it.

Dr. Shahzad MD :

- So in short there is no specific time period for removal of the tumor, it should be removed as soon as possible.

Dr. Shahzad MD :

- Treatment of symptoms i.e. treatment which reduces the serotonin and other substances is with things that reduce secretion from this tumor and the treatment most commonly used is with octreotide.

Dr. Shahzad MD :

- Chemotherapy with various medications like 5-flourouracil and doxorubicin may also be used but all this needs to be discussed with the oncologist as well and depends on whether tumor is localized to the intestine or has spread elsewhere as well.

Dr. Shahzad MD :

Are you with me?

Customer: Yes
Dr. Shahzad MD :

Any more questions?

Customer: It's a very small tumour , not Even 1 cm in diameter does that sound normal ?
Dr. Shahzad MD :

The smaller the tumor the better.

Dr. Shahzad MD :

So thats good news actually.

Customer: I suffered with salmonella and gastroitrits at the tpsame time towards the end of last year would this have anything. To do with cause of the tumour , I also have felt very stressed of late
Dr. Shahzad MD :

No, this is not the cause of the tumor at all.

Dr. Shahzad MD :

I understand that you are stressed and I would have felt the same way if I was going through what you are going through.

Customer: Ok, jus very unlucky then, thank u for your help.
Dr. Shahzad MD :

You are most welcome
Take care
Wish you all the best.
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Good bye :)

Dr. Shahzad MD :

Please do rate me for my services before you leave.

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