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I have had a pain in the low abdoment area.It started almost

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I have had a pain in the low abdoment area.It started almost 3weeks ago.First I had a bladder infection but recently I have checked the urine and everything is fine,however,the pain hasn't stopped. At the beginning I had a pain on the high of ovaries (both sides) and now mostly have a pain very low,almost in the groin. I had period 22.01 maybe a little bit wwicker than usually but on time.I thought that I could be pregnet but did a test 30.01 and was negative. Last time,on Sat.the pain was even heavier after having sex (but not during it) I have no dischurges,sometimes an "odd" sensation when urining but not like the time when I had cistitis.What it might be?

I am Dr Ken and I will be helping you today. Are there associated symptoms like pain during pee/ abnormal bowel movement/ white discharge from vagina? Were any investigations done apart from those already mentioned? Do you have any diagnosed medical condition?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Here are answers for your questions:

- there is no pain during pee,sometimes there is an add sensation difficult to describe,but not like during a urethra inflamation,just very small discomfort (only sometimes)

-recently I feel very often swalen (gases in bowels) which is unusual,didn't have problems like these before

- I have no discharge from vagina

- there were no others examens apart of these I have mentioned


Thank you for the additional information.

Pelvis is a complex region with structures like uterus, ovaries, bowel loops, urinary bladder/ muscles. Pain at the pelvis can be due to abnormality at any of the these.

In your case - I would think of irritation of the bowel {colon} as my first bet as the pain is shifting from one place to other {not restricted to one region}. It can be due to inflammation/ infection {viral, bacterial or parasitic}. Remnant mild bladder infection also needs to be considered. Other causes like urinary bladder calculus/ ovarian cyst or irritation of the nerve at the spine level look less likely to me.

Next step - Few investigations like ultrasound for pelvis/ stool and blood tests/ repeat urine examination should give us more answers.

Till than - Warm compress, Ibuprofen should give relief. Cranberry juice does help. Have balanced diet, adequate fluid/ avoid alcohol, smoking or excess caffeine.

Wish you well.

Let me know if you want me to explain anything in more details.

I aim to provide 'Excellent' service. Did I give it to you? If so do consider to rate my answer.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you for your answer. I will concider that the problems is more from the bowels rather then from ovaries/vagina (as also I have much less apetite and almost don't notice any hunger). Have only a question why is that the pain I noticed in front (very low part of abdomen) and not behind. And I haven't mention (either don't know if it's important) that the pain increases while I'm sitting and don't notice it at all when I'm walking. Is there any explanation for that?Many thanks


Bowel pain may not always be felt posteriorly {it can be anteriorly or on either side}. When you sit the pressure at the anal region increases and this may be the reason for increased pain.

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