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At the moment I am tending to socialise quite a bit at the

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At the moment I am tending to socialise quite a bit at the weekends , I don't drink during the week at all usually.
The last two Mondays I have had bad trouble sleeping , almost as if there is a wake up default as soon as my brain drops to sleep , like a built in brain prod to wake me up ?

This carries on most of the night , I am also feeling quite anxious for no apparent reason and did last week .

I am wondering what causes this , obviously over indulgence doesn't help but the sleep deprivation is really worrying me.

Many Thanks
Hi--are you saying that throughout the night you fall asleep and then immediately wake up over and over? Is this only happening on Monday night? Can you describe the anxious feeling?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.


It has definately been more acute last Monday & this one then if last week is anything to go by , by wednesday I'm getting pretty much a normal nights sleep.


The involuntary waking is really hard to describe , it's like my brain triggers as soon as I drop into unconsciousness , the early part of the night is not so bad but once I'm wakened it's every five minutes or seems like it , I go to bed really early as well during the week anyway .


The feeling of anxiety is a general non specific feeling of not being oneself , low apettite , very tired ..obviously , plus a lot of stress at work right now.


Sometimes I don't drink for weeks , even months at a time and quite recently , until two weekends ago I have been working 7 weeks straight , 16hrs a day no socialising / drinking at all.


I can understand the physical side effects of having a good time at the weekend , not feeling so great etc , I am nearly 50 but this mental " effect " if indeed that is what it is is distressing me quite a bit .



I have had it before but not for a few years and it was usually the same sort of thing after a good night out or whatever .


Trust this helps...?




OK Michael--and if by chance you don't drink on a weekend or at least very little this isn't a problem? Do you have any medical conditions?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I generally only feel like this if I drink too much but not always , it's the sleep deprivation part that is bothering me , it feels like I am experiencing a three day / night pay back .


obvious answer give up drinking , I get it .


However i am worried about the brain trigger effect and wonder if there is anything I can do to alleviate , lessen this uncomfortable reaction?


I can only describe it as hugely uncomfortable when it's hapopening , then for no reason at all it will just go away and I'm back to normal ?








Can you tell me what exactly you mean by the brain trigger effect?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.



If you can imagine every time you drop into sleep a flash bulb going off in your head waking you up , feeling anxious for a few moments until you realise what it is and then dropping off again , repeat that for 8 - 10 hrs . Not sure how long it goes between wake ups but it feels like a lot .


This is accompanied by the anxious feeling , when I was younger if I'd overindulged i would just sleep it off and feel fine a few days later or even the next day .


Like I say it doesn't happen all the time , just now & again , it's pretty unpleasant.


I understand the draw backs of drinking fully , like I say I go long periods without doing it and hardly ever drink during the week anyway but at the time there has been a big social scene going on and I have felt terrible afterwards for days and i would just like to know if this is some sort of toxic shock or whatever that is causing me to keep jump starting myself during the night ?


Can't explain it in any more detail , I think i will just give up drinking.





Sorry for the delay Michael. This is referred to as a hypnagogic jerk sleep disorder. I'm sending you a link about it and we can discuss it further if you need. It can be brought on both by alcohol and by anxiety and if it gets worse it can be treated by your being evaluated by a sleep disorder MD specialist. The best thing for now is only to drink moderately when you do--say just one drink a night
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