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My 6 year old son has always been hard work but his angry episodes

Customer Question

My 6 year old son has always been hard work but his angry episodes seem to be getting worse rather than better with age.
He has been seeing the behaviour counsellor at his school but we have noticed no positive change in his behaviour. He is extremely energetic, so we try to channel this energy into sport but he is becoming too aggressive to play football and we are considering removing him from his team. He shows real potential and is training with a professional club but we can risk him hurting the other boys.
He is defiant, abusive and violent towards us yet is apparently an angel at school, He is extremely intelligent and older than his years apart from the tantrums which are similar to that of a 2 year old. My gut feeling is that there is an underlying medical condition as after the angry episode is over he cannot explain why he got so angry, He is making horrible statements like "he is stupid and nobody likes him and that he deserves to die" Of course we then feel awful and tell him that we love him but we don't like his behaviour sometimes. We have never used physical punishments but have restricted his activities or taken treats away instead, We have tried the behaviour charts and rewards but when he gets angry he does not seem to care about anything.His school seem to think that it is purely behavioural as he doesn't show any symptoms at school and without their backing the doctors do not seem concerned. We are exhausted by his behaviour and it is putting a strain on our relationship as well as the relationship with our parents (his grandparents) as they feel we are too hard on him. Is there any way we can get a referral without going through our GP, He also has issues with food and is terrified of trying new textures, He seems consumed with the fear of death and paranoid about his loved ones dying, he has never lost anyone close so we are unsure where this fear has come from. How can we get him accessed without going through the G.P?
People seem to think that we are too lenient on him but we feel we are good parents and cannot understand why he is so rebellious and bitter towards us?? Any advice would be gratefully received. Thank you in advance
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  DrRussMD replied 4 years ago.
He must go through the GP!

Why would you want to avoid that?
This can be medical, a physical underlying cause