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I am a married women, I recently had a unprotected one night

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I am a married women, I recently had a unprotected one night stand on the 30th December I came on my period on the 31st of December, normal period Me and my husband then continued to have more sex than usually perhaps out of guilt through out January again unprotected, I felt rather unwell around the 26th ish of jan and did a pregnancy it came back negative, today 5th feb I did a pregnancy test and it's positive,
Could this be a child from a one night stand? Is there anyway I can tell? Perhaps pay for a private scan?

Welcome and thank you for your question.

This pregnancy is not from the one night stand in December.

Pregnancy occurs when you have sex at around the time of ovulation which is about 14 days after the last period. In december, you had sex just before the period - you could not have been ovulating at this time. Again, a period causes the inner uterine lining(endometrium) to get shed. If you had a normal period after the sexual intercourse, there is no way that a pregnancy could have remained in the uterus.

Also the negative pregnancy test on the 26th Jan rules out a pregnancy from earlier on.

This pregnancy is by your husband.

I hope that helps.

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