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Hi, iv been in quite alot of pain for some time now. Originally

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Hi, iv been in quite alot of pain for some time now. Originally started with I.b.s and told I have sciatica. Now I have pain in my pelvic region, my whole stomach swells I have pain in what feels like my kidney area and pain shooting down the front of my legs. I lose fleshy chunks and mucus from my bowels and problems with my periods and continually needing the toilet. No stds and nothing showed up on ultra sound. Ive been treated for worms when I never had them. Had a gastro anti biotic again didnt do anything. Had mebeverine still didnt help. Prescribed cefalexin but is making my bowles worse and started on amitriptyline. In so much pain please help..
Why are you even on antibiotics
What diagnosis do you have?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Ive had no diagnosis. My gp just keeps trying me on medication. One doctor suggested endo but my gp dismissed it.

What degree does the gp have
family practice
internal medicine?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I would Imagine so

They are two different residency trainings
Do you mean to say you don't know?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I haven't a clue. All I want to know is whats wrong with me :(

Diagnoses depends on exam and testing.

Stool samples, maybe an ultrasound
Rectal exam, pelvic exam.
Maybe a hydrogen breath test for small bowel problems.

The treatment you describe makes no sense, ant the fact that you don't know what your doctor is treating, or what type of doctor your doctor is, makes no sense.

I would cut to the chase here and see a gastroenterologist
Do you know what that type of doctor is?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I was treated for worms before I had to do the stool sample, I told her it wasnt worms as I lose chunks of flesh and mucous. But wouldn't test for anything else. I had an ultra sound to test for fibroids as my periods are not as they should be have weeks feeling like im bleeding backwards wait few more weeks for anything to happen its usually ridiculous ly heavy or very light clotty and stringy. Gastroenterologist specialises in digestive system.

IF it is uterus, then you need to see an OB/gyn doctor.
IF it is digestive, then you need to see a gastroenterlogist.

There is no way to say what your doctor is treating because apparently your doctor has not told you. I would ask though, because I guarantee that in order to bill your insurance, there must be a diaqnosis.

Use reply to let me know if you have further questions. [click reply to expert].
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