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Hi, our son was born in Spain, we are both British, but we

Customer Question

Hi, our son was born in Spain, we are both British, but we are keen to promote his identity as a Spanish born National. However, we plan to return to the UK when he is a little over 4 years old. He spends all his day care at present with Spanish (native) carers only. We are very keen that he continues with his Spanish both in language and culture so that he can identify with the country of his birth. Would we have a case for him to attend a Bilingual Spanish School on grounds of a “Medical and Social reason” school admissions policy? The school that we are considering is currently over subscribed so we are wondering whether he may have a genuine compelling reason for attending, we feel he does. We need to understand a) whether he would have a compelling and likely "social need" and b) whether a child psychologist would likely write a report to this effect if so. Finally, we would like advice on how to proceed if this is the case so that we can give him the best advantage. Many thanks.
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  DrRussMD replied 4 years ago.
I can answer only from the medical standpoint.
There is no medical reason in this situation that is established.

The other questions are probably legal.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi we noticed after posting the question that your are based in the US. Therefore I cannot see that you could respond to this question. Are you able to refer it to another UK based child psychologist as that is who the original question was aimed at. Many Thanks.

Expert:  DrHelen replied 4 years ago.

Hi, I am a UK doctor.

To my knowledge there are no UK child psychologists on this site. We are all doctors.

However as a UK GP I have to tell you that there are no medical or social grounds here for admitting your son to a bilingual school.

Unfortunately you have even less of a case than if you were Spanish and coming to England.

As both parents are British, and I assume your son is registered as a British citizen, the fact he was born in Spain would not be considered a reason for him to have a medical or social reason to attend a bilingual school.


I realise this is not the answer you want to hear but child psychologists see children with learning difficulties, behaviour problems and the such like.

The circumstances you describe would not be the remit of a child psychologist.


The best you can do is to make your case with the individual schools.


I joined JustAnswer in June 2013 and am a UK doctor. I have been qualified for 23 years and have widespread experience in GP and cancer care.