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can I send you a copy (8 pages in french that explain my situation

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can I send you a copy (8 pages in french that explain my situation ) and then ask you if you can explain me why i have to take an injection of xeplion 150 mg every 4 weeks ?
Please summarize in english
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

might you use google translator and just make a copy/paste of my brief would be so carefull from you, can you ?

sorry, no I will not translate 8 pages of french under the current conditions.....
I will opt out..perhaps another expert would like to do that.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.





I am subject to a treatment protocol consisting of a day in the hospital and one injection every four weeks strong neuroleptic which was not stipulated in the protocol of care that was scanned there few months in hospital. this is the XEPLION 150 mg

Here a kind of "new" facts relating misinterpreted about me, about my years just before 1994. can I do? I knew that several doctors had written to the prefects and I find this unfair situation to me. how to convince the psychiatrist and let him lower the dose?

my situation is not completely wrong but just not fair. last year I went myself at the behest of Dr. Attal at mairet service for hospitalization. and with a name change of the neuroleptic dose was increased by 1/3 when I left in March. this is a situation that I do not understand ... registered paul valery I am having trouble walking at times. so far I would make teaching or know or do provide my psychotherapist. I have three licenses to two scientists and a letter, and I never understood the purpose of companies. now I read some articles on the management and human resources and I learn more every day.

I would like to take a little more than a physical form that is currently very uncertain because of neuroleptics.

In wishing you good reading I wish you a great day.




in my eighteen years (1981), I was in math sup Montpellier and I met Patrick Couzinet a neighbor who had come from Paris with whom I was going to have a ten-year friendship and often put the black leather gloves and a felt hat at the time, he taught me to smoke to enter the grounds that the company had to know how to do and I had thought he was drinking beer and coffee and to going in Bars between noon and two, he was stealing items from stores such as Galeries Lafayette or discs, and they had moved across the street from us. he was 17 and had redoubled his first I think. I obviously to impress I tried to do the same (beer, coffee, ..) because as he did judo and he said he was second in the region I admired very much.

and one day wanting to impress one of my classmates I did want to take to steal a pencil sharpener in the tobacco area ... He also encouraged me to smoke drugs ... I had no more than smoking twenty large maximum seals, or rather ten. I highly recommend it. This tends to give you a second printing condition similar to taking certain neuroleptics. And knowing that neuroleptics kill small fire ... it's almost as if you smoke a cigarette, but 100 times more concentrated in adverse effects ... it would seem that if XXXXX XXXXX died at thirty years it could be for some-thing.


My previous hospitalizations in which evrard city hospital, hospital thuir then the colombière where I had requested a transfer in the service of Dr. Ribstein to be closer to my mother, or Pitié-Salpêtrière I can say that I ' 've had almost all passages with horrible memories.


During 1981-1983 I met catherine pujol with whom I had my first sexual experience and who came to visit me in Paris, Joscelyne Ducy with whom I had a few kisses and a longer connection by mail and made ​​me read the Philip K. DICK .


Let me explain by the love of my life I had met septembre1985 in paris: American catherine schrichte and united by a little states.

I thought I had met catherine schrichte following my mystical prayer to the devil prayed him to meet the love during the summer of 1985 after I read the novel " dorXXXXX XXXXX "And I made ​​in the garden with mom.

In December she left for the United States. I made ​​a small depression but I walked naked in the apartment that I shared with her ​​and whose rent was paid by my sister in part.

One day I looked out the window from the street lafayette in 10th I am facing a little to the right second night I saw in the dark through a window without shutters two lamps lit two small lights to ten inches apart and I began to imagine that it was the devil's eyes now watch me. Later I was talking to my sister " I saw the devil Also "the fact that I was walking naked in the apartment made ​​him believe I do not know what trouble during one of his visits at the same time she had found abnormal that I should dry the lovely red and black sweater on bed. Beautiful red and black sweater that Ms. Odette Couzinet and mom had knitted for me in 1981 and I always elsewhere and I had dried flat on the bed thinking that the best method so it does not deforms was to dry well.

So she made ​​me hospitalized accompanying me to the hospital pity Salpetriere hospital where I stayed two weeks. My father came to visit me with Uncle hong biou. It also came along with the new and first litter gronendaël his dog, no doubt wishing to surprise me ... But my reaction to these small unknown disturbed by the dosage of my medication made ​​me think and they also had some-thing of evil. I must say they were all completely black and she had me locked up. I do not even suspected me at the time that psychiatry was somehow the hall of the prison and my sister had me " punished ". it was in 1987 to the first half, I was preparing my review of introduction to the analysis of partial differential equations that I finally succeed elsewhere.


A City Hospital Evrard similar treatment to a mixture of haldol and Nozinan who was choking was given to me in 1988.

Constables Customs had me indeed hospitalized while I was returning from the United States and I had absolutely nothing wrong except that of one day having a little yelled because there have been there had was for me as a kind of victory. Except as going to see my girlfriend in Washington with her ​​parents when she was told to wait in New York. Being so remained unusually prolonged the plane when he had already landed at the airport in Paris. And not wanting to meet the gendarmes customs that I went to there. And have pissed on the door of the room where they had me locked while unhappy they have brought me to a place where I had to see a house, I had an urge and no toilet was accessible to me.

Choking on these I can say that they made ​​me believe bewitched.

And to limit my madness was to believe to be cared for désenvouté.


Subsequently disappointed to have missed my mastery of math I returned to my father around 1989.

and long after the first hospitalization thuir and service dr Ribstein and my hospitalization in the service of Dr. Bartelemy well after or during 1993 I had a few deviant behavior. Then trying to wean me from Tranxène and not knowing that it was a time I was sometimes Valium anxiety attacks.


In effect my father had to hospitalize me thuir (1989) appear after it in my medial record a small argument with him where I gueulais a little too hard.He took me to a psychiatrist and then to the hospital where I let myself obediently lead until the nurses of the hospital thuir grab me and I called " using "Even though I saw him away from the hospital grounds which shocked me. As He left me in my opinion too shipped to me without even coming to visit me. It probably came to visit me at least once or twice but I endured this confinement wrong especially as the treatment that was given to me sometimes gave me contractions that made ​​me choke and I thought I had the choking because I was a little bewitched. So as he left me too comes to myself I asked to be transferred to the colombière near my mother where I hoped more visits. To the year 1991 when I went in and day hospitalization me inscrivis DUT at the same time that I got in a year.

I made ​​my DUT while hospitalized flag day 16 (following thuir see below) in the service of Dr. Ribstein where I met christian Broogly (who died in the year 200 .. an over-dose) and Max a friend serge shoe and just as my friend. He lived in homes Proby was professor of French and later when I moved at 1228 rue joseph anglada Professor in 1998. It chanced that I met him again because he lived in the same neighborhood. Some-times I later met Serge in him, but I knew very little what Serge (2002?). In the neighborhood while I crossed serge confessed that he was a drug dealer turns to little it was in the 2010s. Moreover, he called me recently balance since I moved to the city (March 2014) and it is hardly far and I crossed from time to time.

In 1993 I found immediately CSD six months administrative center Benech despite hospitalization for more than a year. But as a secretary opened, I had " advantage "My employee status to train me in the office I applied, considering someting wrong with my resume my experiences psy Hospital. Of course I was not selected nor even taken yet I m 'Along well with my bosses.


I lived at the residence Montesquieu, 875 avenue de saint maur.

Also at this time we burst me my tires and I do not even suspect that this could be t-Rémi one of my neighbors.

What I can say is that I did or I did a DUT (1991-1992) and I do not have much money. Also as there was another Fiat Panda like mine, I decided to disassemble the tires and replace them on my car and swap them with mine that were slashed.

Another day I found the door of the car, deformed upper angle of thirty degrees and the camera my father that I had left there and that I really wanted, I discovered stolen.

I had not complained about my flat tires or complaint in relation to the theft of my camera I did not know he had to.


If it happens again I would wear complaint débrouillerais me " play "My insurance to reimburse me the cost of replacing tires and the price of the camera due to vandalism by the deformation of the door of my vehicle at the time : A fiat panda.


in 1993 I lost a pair of black gloves ... where?


then perhaps forgotten on a shelf in the canteen Peyronie Hospital in Montpellier, where I used to restore me. I was on staff as office clerk.Thereafter I had in my opinion was shot in ass at the same canteen where said pair of gloves was probably discarded. The canteen staff made ​​me go to various places (three) to get me back to my starting point without trace, so I decided a little revenge because I was convinced they had purposely me take a puppet making me go from right to left. To spend my nerves I began to deflate a tire me several vehicles administrative department, I was told that a deflating tire car I could calm down and people who have undergone this could still leave for a tire change. Thus I started looking for a piece of wood to sink into the valves and I told myself it could also inflate the tires and I could calm my anger.

I Have not done this for revenge about my dismissal was also a termination as stated in my medical record.

Moreover, even with respect to the termination they (my bosses) forced me to take my days off because I wanted to work until the last day


surprised by this gesture vigils I was taken to the hospital where Colombiere after a short stay Bartelemy doctor sent me to the "paradise" that is, the clinical center saint martin Vignegoule thanks especially my family. (1993). It seemed to be in heaven because for the first time I was treated well, I made ​​friends (s) and I had a social life in this microcosm where there was built a mini grocery store, a swimming pool, tennis court , bar cafeteria, a music room with a piano, table football, billiards room, several rooms with TV, a dining room and also where we partially support the cafeteria and mini grocery store.


By that I made ​​repeatedly attacked:

by a jealous neighbor, Eric Bourgeois. jealous boyfriend because his girlfriend Martine had a soft spot for me.

One day amount to its second floor while I stayed on the first floor landing she lifted her skirt and ... oh surprise she had no panties (he had probably never known anything), but Indeed, one day when I knocked on their door, he greeted me with a headbutt while we had made ​​friends around parts of chess. Martine was passed at least once with me and we talked lovingly she told me " indeed it is called Eric Franck but he took the name Eric sympathy for you "

I had believed I was not me not even realize she was flirting with me.

And another day another Rémi my next door neighbor.

One day when I got home I discovered photos of Paris that I had taken myself and stuck to the door of my all bearing torn. I had not done this in order to disturb the atmosphere of the building but only in relation to past events. In the year 1982 when I was in Perpignan with my father I was in a student musician where common hallways were decorated with works of art and flower pots and I found it great. I wondered who could have " vandalize "And rip my photos and I went knocking on his door asking if he had seen any-thing but received me with fists and tore up the other end of the corridor piece of gourd (Cucurbitaceae) three or four pounds I wore then. Squash I had brought from the garden of my mother who lived not far away. Studio Remi was between mine and a speech therapist.

Previously I also became acquainted with Valerie, a beautiful woman who had a small child and lived on our porch. One day we went out together for a walk near Antigone market associations who then held. I remember she had a beautiful white dress, we wanted a little hand from time to time.But playing hide and seek in the crowd that day I lost sight of and was forced to return alone. Thereafter a bit shy and interested I sometimes listened at his door a few night or three times. Once excited to she could guess that I was behind the door and heard to say " darling "I began to bend my cock and to enjoy a bit more I did pee on his door. The physiological phenomenon in horny pee is enjoyable for I do not know why I'm not a doctor. Another day when I was a little in love with Valerie, one night a man came knocking at his door. she said to him: " I do not want you prennes you're drunk "And I guessed she spoke of the child. I tried to help this man and provoquais the corridor to make him leave and to defend but it made ​​me very upset retreat fist into my apartment. Thereafter I tried to follow the man to note the vehicle registration, was registered 92 high Seine. He saw me behind the glass of the entrance door of the building. Took a screwdriver in his car and came back to me when he struck violently against the door screwdriver. He uttered I do not really know what insults while I scared to death I was trying to block the door. I tried to help Valerie tonight without success.

Another day Rémi was at home with a broomstick he blocked the door while I was trying to go home. Also through the half-open door I saw that he had a large knife and I got scared for her. I asked Valerie through the door if she wanted me to call the police and she whispered to me that I could do. As I did when I got home and the police arrived a few minutes later. Again the corridor I saw Rémi leave home with Valerie in a hand big knife and the other a broomstick. It was his way to welcome the police.

I think at that time I made ​​a very poorly written letter to my " Army chief "To explain what happened to me. I also sometimes swept into the hallway when it was too dirty or just to take care. I was putting the broom closet in the hallway. One day to my surprise I found the broom broke in two.


Another day also two police came knocking on my door to give me a warning, I wanted an explanation because at the time I rendais me account but not much on their threat to embark or their way answer me I could not get anything out. Also as I had been very few hospitalizations resented unsteadily I did the round back and let her go without knowing why I was in the pay of a warning.



But back on topic There was in the neighborhood thugs who beat them in front of me and also young people who tried to annoy me They tried me " stone "Finally I want to say that one of them threw stones at me as I walked over to them saying a little provocative " so it'll youth ?. "Also on this gesture that choked me and I grabbed it he lost a chain around his neck. I remember very well that he cried twice " my chain, my chain "Then there were adults on the same day, parents, uncles who probably came to me" ring "And bring me a bloody nose while I did not expect at all.

As these young people one day then that they were ten with my next door neighbor Rémi like leader had tried to race me in front of the building and I fled inside.

Another day I picked up by putting a sudden, a tear gas canister. But I noticed that the pepper spray was used anyway I kept still and was putting on my balcony. She never served me.

In 1994, listening at the door with the speech therapist who was also my neighbor, I thought I heard wailing. I imagined that Valerie was there and she was crying. I wanted to have a clear heart and I enter-opened the door as quietly as possible to observe what is happening inside . I could see that almost glazed bay balcony seemed a woman sitting with a person or two with her. But one of the people who was with she noticed the door ajar and went fully open. I then found myself with in front of me in the doorway with a colossus of 1.90m which was the speech therapist. I got scared and backed away me a little defense I am indeed already been attacked by others as mentioned above. speech therapist for whatever reason I was gone, she was actually fetch a tear gas canister and put me in a blow in the face. I turned and looked back at my apartment then but even from behind I felt the burning gas on my scalp, the SLP gas continued to spread. Blinded and panicked I began to fumble the keys on the phone to call for help samu or fire, my apartment was left open. I could not see. The police arrived and intervened and discovered perhaps the pepper spray used as a policeman ordered me to put me on the balcony, which I did. I waited there for a while as they went but probably see in the speech, then he made ​​me follow and down . Here we passed the handcuffs while I clamais my innocence to defend myself : " but I did nothing. I did nothing ". Lights and sirens turned on the police took me to the police station then located in the old maternity Street Professor stifle.

I was Terrified.

I was terrified, terrified that I would perhaps be hospitalized. At the police station I do not even dare to open his mouth to explain. Even when I saw him coming a doctor saint martin vignegoule. I was handcuffed and shackled to a bar in shock heating. I was placed in the office sector Dermenghem dr. medicated by force after I lost my writing skill and it panicked me, I decided to write to the prosecutor. I saw Dr. Danan maintenance and it was decided to send me to the UMD Cadillac.

Before I left I made ​​myself attacked by patients, a punch philippe a fairly wholesale, big fat guy, we were three or four in the room. I've never told anyone. In my final return UMD few years later we became somewhat friends. When I was with him I felt protected. He put socks nylon DIM I thought it was weird. Recently around 2013 I reviewed the APAJH orientation center of APSH34 / I had not seen for a long time. I did not say hello. I had an appointment with a psychologist, an appointment that I had organized the director of the hospital colombière following letters I recently sent him and which I thus also sent a similar letter to judge of freedoms.

Martine sent me some letters when I was in Cadillac, the therapist also told me my application writing that it was she who had used the pepper spray she explained that she would have been afraid but m had found my nice bowl of rice, this letter should be in my file in the service of Dr. Fortier to whom I delivered the letter on the board of a nursing cadillac Mr. jean-claude Baggio.

I was in the service at Dr. Fortier to Cadillac.

As I returned to the colombière around 1995 it stipulated a return quite conceivable to Cadillac.

I was isolated from female presence (patients) for several months and found myself in the colombière I was happy to discuss in the afternoon with a patient, I did not know she was paranoid delusional. The evening nurse Suzanne did not give me all my tranxènes 50 (I had to take 3) I was glad relief medication not knowing at the time what an anxiolytic. But shortly after I was seized with strong anxieties that petrified me to this patient then also I had tried to kiss him to wish him good night she had refused.

And they sent me right away to cadillac writing on my file that I had assaulted.

A cadillac I was working at each interview and once I was so treatments my memory was failing me and questioning of Dr. Fortier I replied that indeed it was possible that I was back in the apartment of the all speech became blurred in my head.


One day my mother came to visit me, it is stated in the record that she had tried to go overseas rights. The day before he came my treatment was changed and I was seized with anguish. To reassure myself I wanted to go see the nurse (cathy I think) who had recently changed our pavilion to another, and I succeeded in superhuman strength to climb a fence to small squares with bare hands should do well in 1M70 height same time I thought that terrorized our flag is held in left behind when it came to meal delivery. I ran down the aisles to the other service ... I saw in the courtyard of the other service behind fences ... I was happy a few minutes, she was beautiful. I was led back to the lodge and just arrived two nurses who had brought me a third me " jumped "Over one half strangling me. When the alarm siren jackets nursing was triggered reinforcements arrived. I do suspecting anything I called newcomers " using ! "I had trouble breathing, unfortunately for me they did not come to my help they came with the other three. There were four or six. My mother could not see me. I was in a secluded room and I heard talk dissatisfied with Dr. Fortier or that's what I then supposed. With emotion and stronger than I could I called desperate " mom ! I'm here ! "Nothing helped. She had to leave empty-handed. She had traveled montpellier-bordeaux for nothing ...


Also while I was in Cadillac, near Bordeaux, I learned from a letter I received from him that I had managed to contact a lawyer Montpellier Master Frédéric Thuillier. But I could never see or have telephone interview.


I sympathized with most nurses and patients, I even had the right to place an ad in a local newspaper to find correspondence. I found two through this one I abandoned the other which even managed to come visit me. I found ugly by the pictures she sent me but I corresponded finally when I say come visit me I do not know if I've actually seen, I do not think so. But one day I knew it was over, I asked him candy and perfume and nurses had brought me .... It was some kind of connection with life. In fact I do not know well for the ad, I think I rather send the announcement by mail. We never saw the outside, it was hard ... one night we were four in one room and I was moved to another room. A small window overlooking the toilet that were there. I began to climb the toilet. I saw a strange city at night with a few engine noises few streetlights everything was black and distant. I remained a few moments hung mid desperate happy mid of this small area of freedom through which I desperately threw my eyes. But all was dark ... I have not repeated the experience.

I was hit by two patients out there apart nurses and service people nobody has ever known anything. One hit me from behind and had her a camisole or he could not move my arms. The other was beaten by a nurse who was next to me and while I was not even defended me.

Once or twice I do not know at all why, maybe because I had an anxiety attack with my nails several nurses, five or seven, I felt compelled and forced to go upstairs then started to tie my feet and hands. But before since I have mastered on the bed with a nursing astride I vainly tried to bite him having no more than that to defend myself. This one Cobby me a terrible punch in the jaw to the ear. I currently have custody after more than 15 years of sequels and sometimes when I sneeze pain through my head like a bolt from the side or I got the shot.

I was then transferred from Cadillac to UMD UMD Montfavet Vaucluse for a family reunion. We were only men though I think Dr. Dextreit sent several letters to the prefect of Vaucluse say that I was aggressive towards women. I wonder what he could rely on his judgment. There I made ​​a hunger strike because I was too badly treated. I fell into a coma.


In conclusion I took more than four years of full-time hospitalization for : Have peed on a door, listening to the doors and to have a half-open !

I could have a lawyer with whom I have not even been able to speak.

In my medical records Cadillac it was stipulated that I was paranoid but after various attacks and hospitalizations somewhat nuisance in any case I think it could perhaps seem a wrongful diagnosis


Later I returned to UMD I was doing what I called " attacks nails "It was actually great anxiety attacks. in these moments of anguish I did not understand that I was just anxious and what happened to me and sometimes prostrate and curled up on my own I scratched my nails mind completely lost. It was harder than I scratched my nails against each other, I was overcome with anxiety and sometimes to bleed a little.


One day while I was with my mother aussi taking me for a druid in asterisk as I could collect leaves and has cut a laurel branches, All which I very much wanted by superstition, on the roof of the parking and several Removing Dozens of leaves I was collecting in a pile. It Was Then That I Began to dig a pit head in the garden and bury the leaves and Prayed to the devil as long as catherine schrichte back, she returns Provided ! I love !Externally it is a has-been published That behavior can not be weirder ! ... and yet It was before the 2000s.


Another day I was on the terrace now continues to wean me or maybe not maybe it was just to 1998-1999 or 2001 and falling on the " crisis of nails ". my mother and sister Were There, my mother or my sister wanted to call the hospital and I did not want to return to this hell and this confinement. somehow I managed to recover my wits and Went down in disaster on the ground floor Trying to pick up the phone jack but my sister Resisted stronger Then I tried without much conviction to make it a kind of stroke football kong-fu That I was not used to and HAD never used except in a free session kong fu paris in 1985 ... she dodged goal and still managed to call the hospital. The ambulance arrived shortly after, well I tried to take refuge on the floor but nothing Helped. In fact on reflection it is possible, That It happened to 1990-1991.

to my horror I was taken to the ambulance and hospital.


From 1999 to 2003 I had a license and a computer control and registered DESS News TECHNOLOGIES Computer and I Considered That the drugs' m too handicapping in my studies. In fact I Had to go to bed at 8:00 in the evening and Could not well prepared to continue my classes.So I Decided to stop smoothly drugs Then I Took . anxiolytic and zyprexa Unfortunately I did not know not to choose the right medication and I choose to for reduce the anxiolytic That I Took at the time INSTEAD of stopping the zyprexa. I was not too taken with anguish I thought I was out and I came to say goodbye to the psychologist Stephane Raffard goal Suddenly panicked Because He made ​​me wait and because i thought he wanted me to hospital I Had hurriedly left and Took my legs around my neck and scooted out of the hospital grounds. Thereafter, one day while I was in consultation with Dr. Miss Delphine Capdevielle hospital she made ​​me ... I was disappointed.

At about this time, I loaded catherine Schirmann pay my rent by giving him the sum of the rent in cash, goal It Seems to Me That wasted money and About did not return me the services I Abebooks web sites.

So she complained Recently That I Had Given him at the time a big spanking on the fact That I pointed out That She Had broken my nose goal It was later than it WAS When I lived at 75 PLACE LAVERAN (I complained at the time she Lived At That time at 10 rue Laffitte) but I must admit That It aussi HAD broken the bay window of my studio (rented) 1228 rue joseph anglada . I Had the repair done in time " playing "on my Maif insurance.

It is around this time That sometimes she Shouted Effective me " pay ! " . Was it Effective sex I do not remember much in Any case it is at this time That I Began to suspect her of Being a prostitute.

Perhaps she complained of the big spanking ? I do not know Have you She Was Followed at the time, Perhaps by Dr. Aguilar. At That Time I never complained to me about her psychiatrists. Me she has broken the glass she anglada 1228 rue joseph-have Given me a kick When I lived at 75 INSTEAD alphonse laveran Few years later, or That They Have Jenny turned me several times and telling me she aussi WAS pregnant and That I HAD to see me it was wrong every time. It broke the book from I do not know how I was not there , she flew me 2,000 francs.

As it is At That Time That one day returning races around noon I was shocked to find my studio burglarized and set upside down . A gold signet ring That HAD Given me my father, at least this thing HAD Disappeared. I do not remember if I HAD at the time complained.

My keys Were aussi stolen one day when i was very stunned. I tried to make a suicide Attempt Rather aussi gold and Perhaps Whether the medications I was taking Were dangerous. Also chowing down year Entire shelf of drugs That I was Obliged to take time, Then I Went to the emergency room of lapeyronie. I went in effect a stay of one day for emergencies and therefore rendais me home Accompanied by catherine Schirmann When I Realized That I HAD no skirt available for my keys . I do not know how I did That Day.

Is That What I remember Were the keys returned to me by the insurance department Alliatys over the postal bank and That some-thing struck me at the time It was the origin of the letter in Which Was the key . It was a letter That cam from the Nice area and very stupidly I started to suspect my cousin Annie Have you Lived not far from Nice and who I am and always HAD-have great relationships.

In fact I was still deceived me ... probably wrong.

I do not remember if the burglary HAD occurred before or after my stay in the emergency That I remember is That It WAS one of the only times the hospitalization Lasted only one night.

Subsequently I did a BA in Chinese (plus 13.5 / 20 average) from 2007 to 2010. ounce and When I was in solian 400MG I Decided to stop treatment gently as I Noticed in my studies due to Increased Reduced potential delirious. At That Time I saw the doctor at the clinic X Have you one day I said " retorted "Imbued with confidence lima Was the capital of one of South American countries. In this interview he Stipulated That I was " unbearable "and he or I do not know very well we Decided not to see . It Seems To Me That I believe is bad HAS report on me and he Seems to me he Seemed to be satisfied to believe That I Had missed my license Then What I tried to explain at the time it was my displeasure to-have missed the mention WELL ... I think His fault " we "I was re-hospitalized . Or at least that's what I ASSUMED at the time and unhappy I wanted to show my displeasure by pouring stool one night before His firm. I did the same in the mailbox catherine Schirmann. At That Time She Moved and Lived atXXXXXslats. And she Continued to see a dealer Serge Shoe-addict she puts by luck by His relationship with Francis Lawrence.Would Have This could Laurence Francis Holy Then abandoned in the 2000s when i met her in the Service of Dr. Emile Aguilar. Later I met Laurence Francis this home to 10 rue Laffitte. aussi I Went from time to time in the company for serge Because my social fabric WAS Defeated gold Was Not strong enough. Sometimes at night from her without warning I ended by Serge discover in this half unbuttoned .


She has Repeatedly insulted people quite okay When She Was with me. She interrupted her treatment and I think we picked her up at her house while I was at it (she Told me not to open) we boarded us. Luckily this time I was ble to leave the hospital.

When I lived in


When I phoned my broker for Any problems for the estate agency ISC Square habitat my studio 179 rue robert capa I Heard Some say " this is Mr. Madman ? "Or so it WAS MOST Recently serving legal protection of Groupama. All this as They Were already aware of a small portion of my problems. Or When I say I'm Chou They reply " cabbage ? CHU ? ".


Often When I was at catherine Schirmann and she came out a while odd what to go buy a pack of cigarettes she locked me dual turn.

In September 2012 I lived 179 rue robert capa, I got attacked This by His upstairs neighbor, She has short hair and she tried to hit me with an iron bar. Catherine WAS home and Waited His pleasure That it opens me up the stairs. This neighbor Gave me kicking me bleed at the temple with Reviews another shot and tried to hit me with an iron bar taking me for a tramp. Eventually Catherine open as I Began to defend myself and HAD That I managed to grab the other end of the bar and I Could drop in the scuffle His neighbor down the stairs and hurt Seriously. It is true That one night one night there WAS someone with a sheepdog sitting on the ground, catherine HAD already reported about me on the phone I did not aim believe her. Subsequently I Bought bombs (2) tear on the internet to defend myself at night if I went to cathy Because of icts neighbor. In fact I Had Bought three goal I was Given a cathy. subsequently I learned much later by a lawyer and while I wanted to appeal the decision to dismiss the case Because I Had complained That The Police Were probably the carried from Neighboring cathy. I do not know how it worked ... I thought the complaint WAS When two people found Themselves in court.

One day falling on the Christmas holidays When I lived at 179 rue robert capa I wanted to spend it with her ​​we stayed in my apartment I did not know It was forbidden to strength his girlfriend to stay home. I closed the door and hid the key. Then I went out to buy cigarettes and when to I returned it smelled burnt and electrical plates Were All Both inside and out.

She threatened This aussi Repeatedly me with a knife and she Told me one day very afraid.

It aussi Regularly called Expired me for the night Either insults Then it is the " son of a bitch "heil hitler "or other invectives or sometimes excuses and I felt harassed while can not bring myself to switching the phone off at night.

The 30 or 31 December 2012 nurses cam terrorize me Claiming They wanted to talk to me and Effective It was 8:00 pm. Upon reflection I Said They Could Actually now be coming to speak goal It was night. Claiming an injectable treatment interruption while I WAS on oral medicationThat Is What Was written in my record to justify hospitalization. I Spent the new year in an isolation room When I Had to pass my exams H1 master 1. mechanical shutter Police broke my street robert capa we had it repaired at our expense, and nursing returned. I was with my father on the phone distraught, panicked and more today my breaker jumped and I thought It was an electricity outage.

Since this hospital Began to put me haldol bulbs every 5 weeks and Then oven 1 ampoule Risperdal Consta 50 mg every two weeks, Then 150 mg once every 4 weeks XEPLION. The last time Dr. Jerome Attal Wished I would get hospitalized, It was last year , I went there, I Obeyed him andaim Unfortunately I do not know what combination of Circumstances, the product (Risperdal Consta) WAS changed XEPLION. Normally the Corresponding dose of neuroleptics to 50 mg Risperdal Consta is 100 mg XEPLION yet since last year I have 150 mg. He Suffered Increase third year I think it is abnormal.


One day cathy WAS home at 179 rue robert capa I went out without closing the door keys. She Was home. leaving the studio She left unattended.


I got robbed on street broke into Robert Capa.


I wish to advise you That It is now much more than a month in vain That I tried to make an appointment with the psychologist Stephane Raffard Service, Secretary Professor Hélène Boulenger Was Told That I Had to make an appointment by email. feels I have him at least three unanswered.

I find it pathetic and nasty.


Also I like to have my treatment protocol is lightweight , I am Currently looking for a job because i do not like to be bound by the state and too strong neuroleptic me more tired than normal Physically and mentally in my studies and research. I managed to get back to work not by policy baton of Dr. Attal purpose by the policy of " carrot "of the Ministry of National Education HAS Increased scholarships and I have integrated the thought of HAVING to Pursue em To Provide Good results. I do not know if I will continue the master of international negotiations next year. What is the order of probable is That I redirect to a research master in Chinese gold master computer or Both gold and implementation Unless the IPAG is accepted, it aussi of the order of probable I left France.


As Recently I went to see a licensed physicXXXXX XXXXXcensed Told Have you made me (my license suspended WAS B) and at least I would be ble to recover the A1 and A Would It Be ? How do I ? Is it enough to request a duplicate ?

I was aussi registered since 2010 in international projects Negotiating master German Chinese option / and too strong neuroleptic made me depressed and Physically Prevented me from going to class lately in 2011-2012 altho I 'HAD managed to get my first semester.


Also since 2000 I frequent catherine Schirmann That Is Treated as paranoid schizophrenic That I put in the hospital HAD depressed Often it Seemed to me lately and when to I went home at His invitation or to troubleshoot (She Had no electricity (March 2013), exchange light bulb) more than three times this year When She Was 17 Claiming That I was abusive to her When in fact I was just tired and I Could not leave time immediately under His whim.

I must admit That I Moved and I live in the same house patté Because it Where I lived before It was too tiring me Physically shopping for her and bring 'em to him with the cart and using a transport.

So I offert him various clothes, fridge HAS freezer, a TV, stereo, jewelry, and I do not Understand why she continued to yell at me sometimes after, or as I'm Either a drug addict or an alcoholic Whereas when i buy wine and that's it That I smoke cigarettes are lighter than his, or her to do while I'm still 17 Trying to help her viable financially speaking, I him the kitchen etc ... I actually did (on the advice of 17) handrail to His untimely calls 17. In fact I do not want to put myself at risk with respect to this friend claims Have you That His relatives are aware That I have a " big issue "and repeated That His psychiatrist doctor Told him That I was dangerous character When Actually he knows me on my medical records That Could all free to view and I aussi disputes.


There are other details: such as a so-called Expired assault with a knife (2011 or 2012 I think) All which is marked in my medical records that never HAD instead it was in. Where college believing me safe I ventured to act childish and juvenile That I can explain it WAS aussi Because I Had Planned a spreading knife for my sandwiches .

I am ready to answer all your questions.


Subsequently thesis events Were Considered aggressive behavior Towards Those women of 1994 and 1995 and listed WAS Such as with various prefects.

I do not know by what miracle did aussi Some probably say " by the operation of the holy spirit "That Was changed in my file in previous disease hetero-aggressiveness thereafter.


I do not agree.

What purpose could I do ?

So today I am writing this letter I started there A Few times Because I would demand a little more justice and fairness.

I'm not a bad guy, a bad set of Circumstances to the fact That my father-have-been a senior French official Chinese, my mother of German descent WAS at home and I was born in France, All which for my face HAS Often not beens Especially odd since an advantage if I had a lot of girlfriends That I found beautiful, now when i look in a mirror I can not bear the features of my face.


Eric Chou .

In all of this story I see no medical issue or question.

Your first question was why to you have to have the injections.

That is because of the diagnosis of skizophrenia, or an illness like skizophrenia.

I see nothing to refute this in your story.

So, the answer is that you do not have to have this specific injection, but you need a drug to treat skizophrenia that is effective.

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I actually feel weakness , and also slowness by walking , what can I do to better my life ?

I don't have to much depression feelings, or feelings of anxiety sometimes a little headacke .

I also mornings need at wakeup to go two or tree times to toilets to do my "big needs".s

what kind of meds or minerals should I take ?

what kind of mineral water would you recommend me to drink ?

and as vegetables and fruits which are the best ? how much of each ?

would you recommend to do some TAIQICHUAN even if I consulted and was said that I shouldn't do too much efforts ?


You must do this under your doctors supervision, but the most likely mineral that you need is magnesium.

Tai Chi is fine.

The diet, in order of preference in quantity, should look like this
leafy greens
green veggies
other veggies
whole fruit, beans and peas
Whole grains no yeasted breads, dry cereals or anything refined
Seeds and nuts, but cut out seeds if you have any diverticulosis.
A little tofu or tempeh daily
A little high quality soy or coconut milk yogurt

The soluble fiber in this strategy will stabilized colon function in about 6 to 8 weeks, then about 2 or three helpings of animal foods a week, preferably fish, can be added back.
See the book Eat to Live by Dr. Joel Fuhrman, for instructions on this type of diet.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

thank you, XXXXX XXXXX a little unhappy hearing you say that I had dissociation of thoughts disease.

actually what's my biggest problem is my strength weakness and weakness by walking and cramps during sleepling sometimes.

do you think that just magnesium should help ?

or anything else ? it would be so carefull from you if you could give me some more rates (for example how much mg of magnesium ?)

Magnesium is 500 mg a day
Under your doctors care.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I can't run or ride bicycle or it's so short that it doesn't bring help much of the time. I walk like an old man of seventy year. what should help ? nothing else than magnesium and the diet you recommended ?

That would be helped by physical therapy.
This should bed ordered by your MD.

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