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Hi,lm wondering if u could put an answer 2 our puzzling son

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Hi,lm wondering if u could put an answer 2 our puzzling son vomiting now and son is almost 7yrs old ,and been vomiting since he was a newborn.we had thought that it could be milk.but as he's got older many foods trigger it off.last September he had his Adonids out,due 2 having consent running noise all year round! The op worked well and stopped his runny nose.then I thought his sickness would easy off,maybe because of the mucus was irritating now we are back 2 square one again .my son is not underweight and he does have his fruit,veg everyday.what I have noticed is when he does have a macdonalds or fatty based food,he does tend 2 vomit he's food don't digessed properly? before he vomiting ,he tends 2 have a tummy ache, a headache,then a cough will accure as he's struggling 2 catch a breath'then he vomits aggressively with sweats.its very hard 2 see him when he gets these attracts.we did take our son 2 his GP.And he was given gavisgon but didn't like the taste and would gag after it.if u could help us in any way we would be greatful for any feedback.thank u.
Migraine can cause this.
Stomach ulcer

Has he seen a specialist?
What tests have been done?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

No test have been carried out with luke.but he does have further appointment with the pediatrician coming this month,as luke contracted meningitis(blood poisoning) in 2012.luke is having further check up,because of headaches.overall after his illness luke does not seem to have any sideaffects due 2 the meningitis.hopefully.


I would ask that he be referred to a neurologist.
He needs an EEG to help rule out any atypical seizure activity.
He needs a very good neurological exam.
And he needs consideration for migraine, which can cause all of these symptoms, and can be prevented with the correct preventative medication.

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