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I want to know my sti risk from a recent exposure?

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I want to know my sti risk from a recent exposure?
Hi there.
Thank you for your question.
I will be helping you out with your queries.
Yes, what kind of exposure did you have and when?
Please let me know.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I am a 26 year old man who has had two sore throats after having protected vaginal sex with a potential sex worker(I did not know this at the time) . I received a blow job and we kissed a bit initially. I went to a gum clinic who did a range of tests and found strep from a ureathral swab and some anerobes STI;s like chlamydia or gonnorhea. I'm worried about the sore throat ive been having, what is wrong? I feat the condom split and i have got hiv, my throat is fairly red sore, no sign of bacterial infection. My exposure was last tuesday, i had a mild sore throat on thursday, this abated over the weekend but i was given cirprofloxacin on friday and anthromyacin on sunday both as a precaution as the results hadnt come back yet. No antibiotics on monday onwards. Today i got the strep in ureathrea result and given metronidazole. But i got a strong sore throat on tuesday that is still annoying me.

Its unlikely that this is due to any STI. Sore throats are most commonly either due to a viral infection or due to a bacterial infection and not due to sexually transmitted infections.
Therefore I would not worry too much at all.
I think that this will pass.
Plus you have already been tested for a range of sexually transmitted infections and they found nothing which is something very reassuring as well.
Let me know if you have any further questions.
Rate me for my services when you are done.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I am worried primarily about hiv possibility, would my symptoms at this stage after possible exposure indicate hiv? what are the odds of this?.....and the strep in my ureathra, is metronidazole good for that?

With oral sex, there is almost a zero possibility of HIV.
There is one in a million chances that with oral sex you would have gotten HIV.
You did have protected vaginal sex so I am not worried about that.
I do not think metronidazole is a wise choice for strep in urethra.
I would have given something like augmentin or amoxicillin however if antibiotic sensitivity has been done and has shown that metronidazole is effective then its fine. Plus if they are anaerobic streptococci rather than that usual aerobic strep then metronidazole is the drug of choice.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

thanks, XXXXX XXXXX know if it was anaerobic but he said he did find some anerobes in my ureathra with the strep, does that sound like that it is anaerobic strepcocci?? Also, if there was a small hole in the condom, i don't remember there being a big tear or anything but i cant say for sure if there was a small punture...what is the risk then?

yes that most likely means anaerobic strep.
Small hole means there is a small risk but still that would be one in 10000 risk.
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