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ihave used paracetamol a lot nearly every day for 5 or 6 years

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ihave used paracetamol a lot nearly every day for 5 or 6 years up to 4 500mg tablets will this have damaged my liver
Thank you for using JustAnswer. I will be glad to assist you today.

No, this dose of paracetamol will typically not cause any liver damage. The current maximum recommended dose of paracetamol in the US is 3000 mg per day. For decades, the maximum recommended dose has been 4000 mg per day, and many authorities still recommend the 4000 mg threshold, but there has been rare cases of people having reactions taking doses as low as 3000 mg per day, so the US authorities have decided to be cautious. However, in the deliberations, there was no evidence found that liver toxicity will occur at doses of 2000 mg per day, the maximum amount that you are taking.

The only exception to this statement would be that there are some people that can develop liver toxicity if lower doses of paracetamol are used with other substances that also are potentially toxic to the liver, most often alcohol. People that are taking paracetamol on a daily basis would be wise to avoid or significantly limit regular alcohol intake.

However, from the paracetamol, itself, at the dose that you are taking (up to 2000 mg per day), there is no reason for concern about liver toxicity.

If you have any further questions, please let me know.

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

thank you for your answer doctor i want to say that on the odd day i may have taken 3000mgs and i dont take drink at all

That's fine. Even if you were taking 3000 mg every day, it would not be a concern, particularly if you do not drink any alcohol.