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I had a problem with alcohol and gave up drinking 7 years ago.

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I had a problem with alcohol and gave up drinking 7 years ago. I haven't touched a drop since.

Rather than drinking soft drinks (e.g. Diet Coke, lemonade) -which can get boring- I'm thinking of switching to zero-alchol lager (e.g. Becks Blue) but am slightly concerned it might give me a taste for beer again.

Any advice appreciated.
Hi--before I answer can you give me an idea of what the problem was seven years ago? And are you concerned that just drinking a beer tasting liquid would somehow lead you to regular beer?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Before I gave up, I was drinking 5-6 pints of lager beer every day. My hangovers were getting worse and worse, so I decided I didn't want to continue drinking. I considered myself a habitual drinker rather than an alcoholic.

Yes, I'm concerned the beer taste will rekindle my enjoyment of real alcohol and I'll start drinking again :-(

OK Andy. My advice is not to drink the Becks Blue and here's why--near beers or "alcohol free" beers are not really devoid of any alcohol--there is a small amount of alcohol in them and I'd be more concerned that even that small amount might trigger you into wanting the real thing. I don't think the taste alone would do that. If you're that concerned about something leading you back to regular drinking it just makes sense to avoid it altogether
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