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I think i may be bipolar or something similar so my mood seems

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I think i may be bipolar or something similar
so my mood seems to go through cycles of being incredibly happy looking forward to the future being quick witted and very chatty to incredibly depressed not wanting to go outside and see people or do any thing i feel tired all the time and have thoughts of suicide. it normally lasts for 2-3 weeks at a time but could be longer or shorter and normally come on quiet slowly and then tapers off e.g week 1 feeling generally happy being more productive at work and sleeping well week 2 having less sleep around 4 hours but feeling well rested and full of energy being very chatty with people and getting much more work done than normal getting very excited about small thing and being hyper active including being childish with my friends and the same for week 3 by week 4 i go back to sleeping more my energy levels are down slighty but i still feel good by week 5 i feel normal sleeping properly work load going back to normal and being tired by the end of the day the same for week 6 but then in week 7 i start to have trouble falling asleep and as i lay in bed i start thinking about future and worrying week 8 i feel tired at work eat less and feel slighty sick after eating but no being sick by week 9 i worry about going to bed and get a bit worked up about it aking it harder to fall asleep and when i do finally fall asleep i wake up every few ours by now i get really worried about the future and feel hopeless and stuck like there is no point going on and that the future will be bad i worry about money and don't want to speak to people and when i am with people its like my mind goes completely blank and i can't think of anything and can't think about what to say to people i spend less time with people including family and friends and think about killing my self week 10 and 11 are pretty similar but get slightly better this happens about 3 times a year and can vary in lenght or how happy or sad i become
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You absolutely have bipolar disorder.

Possibly bipolar 2 disorder or cyclothymia

I strongly recommend you see a psychiatrist for a firm diagnosis.

Many meds like depakote or lamictal can help a lot

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

thank you for getting back to me so quickly i will make an appointment to see the doctor tomorrow (i'm a bit apprehensive but feel better having already asked an expert ) fingers crossed that things will look up

you're welcome Dan

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