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Dr. David
Dr. David, Board Certified MD
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I have fibromyalgia/ME, long term. I am getting , cyclically,

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I have fibromyalgia/ME, long term. I am getting , cyclically, times when all I can do is lie down. And 'dose', no option, like brain switches off, all fades. This continues for two to four days off and speech can become difficult, word escape me, struggle to get them out.qt all!
Chiropractor mentions this may be neurological. GP avoids direct reply when I ask about it and refers me bac k to two be rain scans I had mm. 2013. The neuro 'team' concluded I did not have Parkinson's or MS. , but felt that 'ischemic aetiology' was the 'most likely explanation without clearer evidence of micro haemorrhage.
Have you any thoughts you could add re explanations or what action I could now take to help myself, if there are any ?

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This is Dr. David

I am sorry you are suffering from fibromyalgia and these symptoms.

can you tell me more about your symptoms?

you might benefit from medications like cymbalta to treat your fibromyalgia and your symptoms.

if the doctors felt like your symptoms are from ischemic etiology, have they prescribed blood thinners for you like aspirin or plavix to decrease risks for clots to the brain to cause these symptoms?

you would need an ultrasound of your neck and your heart to check for plaques which can dislodge and spread to the brain and cause ischemia as well. have you had these tests?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Thanks; I had a neck ultrasound six months ago and told all OK.i believe I have had combinations of probably all drugs usually prescribed for FMS. Pregabalin, for instance, did not seem to have any effect.
Two plus years ago back pain became intolerably intrusive and brought me to a further halt on top of usual FMS symptoms, fatigue, IBS, widespread aching, burning.limbs,.back pain became the part I had to improve in order to even begin to manage basic human needs, clean my teeth, shower etc,
I also had probs with facet joint pain and bulges in lumbar spine. The spine surgeon said some people would not feel much pain, others would, cannot operate, do exercise. ...since late Jan 2014,back pain is improved some of the time to a level where I can actually think clearly though the level can return to barely tolerable even so. I had sessions with a chiropractor (showed no immediate benefit), then my doc gave me anti inflammatory. I had tried this before and it did not work. However, back pain reduced straight away, in particular the facet joint oain(that was low compared to the pain over rest of lumbar back). Concurrently as pain reduced I felt able to try some one to one Pilates sessions. I have no knowledge of which of the above factors has been the cause of the improvement I have had. Wish I knew then I could make sure I was doing the most useful stuff to help !
Because I seem to have a myriad of symptoms it is not easy to separate them out into which to heed, which may need more investigation. I have spent so much time in GP surgeries over the years, (I can become upset trying to talk to GPs etc, because it must seem that I am not 'happy' unless I am finding some other health problem, a cycle of anxiety has developed, so I do not always feel able to explain my 'concerns' very clearly.
The reason I am speaking to you is to ask whether you have an opinion /explanation about the days I described when I become virtually helpless.
With back pain improved for now and my intellect functioning better, I am more aware of the strange days I end up 'drifting', having to be silent and almost unable to lift my head up from the pillow. I do not know whether it is something I need to emphasise when I next see my GP. The days, usually two are three together, arrive in an erratic sequence. I could not look after myself then at all without my husband. He does not grasp how weak, vague and 'not on this planet' I feel during these times and does his best, XXXXX XXXXX to make cups of tea.
I know many ME and FMS symptoms are common to both. I know patients describe 'fibro fog'. So it's kind of....the days when I come to a halt, are these likely to be 'fibrosis fog', or might they be connected to ischemic aetiology ?
Do I need to insist I find out more, or am I simply describing a symptom common to many patients who are Fibromyalgic over such a long time, like me ?
Phew! Sorry. I have gone all round the houses to explain. Not sure I have clarified very well.
I would not dwell too much on this episode of when your brain left switched off and when you had difficulty finding the right words.

it could have been from all of the pain you were experiencing. it sounds like the anti-inflammatories did help decrease swelling on pinched nerves in your back and this helped your back pain. I'm glad you were able to do some pilates.

severe back pain and burning limbs and can cause your brain to shut down and not function correctly.

if your brain is function better now that you have less pain, I would not stress about those symptoms in the past.

I think you are describing neurological symptoms of someone who was dealing with overwhelming pain and these symptoms can happen.

let me know if you have other questions.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Would the same answer apply in the case of Fibro fog occurring in a period when my lower back pain was low ?
yes, fibromyalgia can cause you sometimes not to think clearly when you have excessive fatigue from fibromyalgia. even without substantial pain, if you are super fatigued and run down from fibromyalgia, this can cause you not to think clearly and have word searching and loss of concentration and loss of critical thinking.
Dr. David, Board Certified MD
Category: Medical
Satisfied Customers: 49198
Experience: Board Certified Physician
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