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My daughter in law has always remained distant to me, shows

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My daughter in law has always remained distant to me, shows no affection openly to my son, handed over her babies at birth, saying there will be plenty of time for her later. Went back to work on day two and works excessive hours. Now she has removed me from the children's lives and that of my son and her also. There was never a fight, she just slowly removed me until one day (after my son telling me she had blocked me from facebook) I admitted to her aunt that I had not seen the video the girls did. She was so angry, she arrived in her pyjamas and told me they were taking "a break" from me. That was 16 months ago and now I am proceeding through the Family Court (in Australia), so that the girls (aged 5&6) can have access to me. I think she has a dissociative disorder (maybe) where she is just on automatic and just has to win everything, (work, just shafted her own mother), her husband, (threatened him that she would change girls names to her maiden name if he didn't marry her), kept getting pregnant by accident prior to that. She is so driven and will simply mow anyone down, I do not even think it is really personal. If you cannot help her to advance, she just gets rid of you. I am responding to an Affidavit and I am trying to get a clear mental illustration for the Judge (in my opinion). Can you advise me please by putting a meaningful and accurate word forward for me to use in my statement. Many thanks, Cheryle (Australia)
I notice that no expert has commented upon your question, but that is possible because it is impossible to do so over the internet.

An accurate diagnosis of your daughter-in-law cannot be done over the internet, even if I were able to communicate with her directly, but that also would not be that pertinent, at least not in family courts in this country. The judges do not expect the family members to be able to provide an accurate diagnosis regarding any potential mental health issues, Instead, it is actually much more important for there to be an accurate and objective statement regarding the specific behaviour that pertains to the issue before the court. If a family member is prone to make claims regarding another persons mental health diagnosis that is not based on a true assessment, the judge will usually not only disregard the proposed diagnosis, but may also suspect other aspects of your statement.

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Dr Love,


Thank you for your response.


Your information is very helpful to me. I guess she has been treating me with so little regard and her behaviour has involved and decimated my entire family. I did have the urge to be able to "label" her. I recognise though, (as a result of reading your response) that if I just remain true to myself and give specifics about the way in which I have been treated (events that can be substantiated), and provide the expert witness statements (which I have) relating to her claims that I have dizzy spells - no true. also that I have a history on Mental Breakdowns and Paranoia (more expert witness letters) which is also not true. I did suffer stress when she announced that she (was taking a break from me), I have since made all of that work in my favour by taking more for me in life and applying that throughout my entire family. One does wonder just where there will be some recognition about her life habit of simply getting what she sees as being in her way - out of the way.

I have managed to get a Court Ordered Counselling session to try and work out a suitablee arrangement for the girls to have access to me. She is wanting six times a year but only in her presence. She was never there when I was there! She puts a damper on everything with the "bad air" she brings and her superior attitude and the way she simply ignores me. Not even polite conversation takes place.

I like to go for a swim, play the drums (African Drums), the girls love the fun of the music and the dancing, painting with water on concrete, cutting fruit into different shapes, just being together and chatting, they can tell me about their school and I used to read to them, now they can read to me. Trips to the library might be fun.

Thank you for your input.

Cheryle AMAD - Australia