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About 9 months ago I woke up with a discusting taste in my

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About 9 months ago I woke up with a discusting taste in my mouth, I could taste it and it affects my breath. My wisdom teeth on both sides at the bottom set are only partially through, and on one side its poking out, but looks like it is growing impacting into the tooth next to it. I brush and floss and use corsodyl mouthwash, It seemed to go for a bit and now has come back to just how it was before. I have been back and forth to the dentist and doctors to see what the problem is, whether its my sinuses, my wisdom teeth.
Its a really fruity, sweet taste and I have never smelt or tasted this breath in my life until now. I have finally got the dentist to refer me to have the wisdom tooth taken out, but obviously worries me because the tooth is only just poking through the gum and wonder how they will actually get it out without causing damage. I brush around the area really well, so no food debris gets trapped, but nothing seems to work. What could the smell and taste be?Its ruining my social life and confidence and any help would be appreciated, thanks.
What evaluation has been done to look for other possible cause of the bad breath besides the wisdom teeth?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Acid reflux, sinuses, I tried changing my diet. I was tested for h pylori and came back negative. I haven't had bad breath all my life and suddenly it happens. Its a disgusting taste as well all the time . Im guessing this doesn't sound familiar or you wouldn't be asking that question. I wasn't brushing the wisdom tooth for ages cause it was literally just poking through and I didn't know, when I started brushing it the breath seemed to go for a bit, now its back. Its more progressed than before but looks like its coming through incorrectly

The issue is not whether this is familiar. The issue is that there are several possible causes, which is why an evaluation is necessary. What tests were done to look for acid reflux and sinus disease?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

No tests. The doctor just gave me things take for both and made no difference. The question I was asking is that my wisdom can cause this ?I have been back and forth to the doctors about 30 times since it has been like this, I know the score with the causes. Can my wisdom tooth coming through cause this?Or am I making a mistake having them out? If your not sure I would rather you say

The wisdom teeth coming through, by itself, would not cause this problem. However, it is possible that there can be an infection of the gums around erupting wisdom teeth (a type of gingivitis), and this can cause the symptom. If the dentist is not seeing any evidence of this infection, then it is less likely that the wisdom teeth are the source of the problem or that removing the wisdom teeth will result in improvement.

On the other hand, it would be reasonable to pursue further evaluation of the other possible causes of the bad breath. The mere fact that common medicines used for acid reflux or sinus disease did not help is not adequate evidence that these conditions are not present. Certainly, if the use of a medicine for acid reflux is effective for relief of symptoms, that is good evidence that acid reflux is the cause of symptoms, but the opposite is not true, as many people may have more severe disease and may not respond to initial medicines for acid reflux. Similarly, sinus disease can be more severe and fail to respond to initial medicines.

If this were a family member, then I would say that removal of the wisdom teeth would be reasonable of there is evidence on exam that there is gingivitis, but if there is no such evidence, then I would recommend pursuing further evaluation before undergoing wisdom teeth removal.

If you have any further questions or need clarification, please let me know.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

It disappeared for a while when I started brushing it after I found out it was poking through. It was for about a month my breath seemed a lot better, and the more it came through then it came back. So that's why I think its the wisdom tooth. I have tried a lot of things, and had my blood tested, How would they do a sinus test ?

The sinuses would primarily be assessed by a CT scan. An ENT physician also may be able to look at the opening of the sinuses using a small scope through the nose.

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