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my husband has problems with painful feet.He was told that

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my husband has problems with painful feet.He was told that he had arthritis and there was no treatment for it.He has slowly become worse,and after reading an online article,I persuaded him to go to our new doctors surgery to be tested for diabetes.he is now being treated successfully with metformin & simvastatin,but the foot problem is worse than ever.He was sent to see a podiatrician,who re-iterated that it was arthritis & there was no available treatment.I fear that this may be untrue,as although we have moved home,we still come under the same primary trust (east lancs).he has very cold feet now & says that he feels as if he is walking on pebbles all the time. 2 nights ago,i brushed against the bottom of his foot with my toes, when I turned over in bed, & this caused him very considerable pain.We would be happy for him to see an expert,but in what discipline of medicine,add who(obviously we would pay for a quick consultation
Hi--has he had either x-rays or MRI's of the feet and nerve conduction studies?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

has not had x-ray.Has had test on feet with a needle.Lack of feeling when test conducted by nurse at G.P's & with 1st test conducted by podiatrist,but did 2nd test,angling needle slightly & there was some feeling


Sorry for the delay--just one more question--is this a burning pain?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

no It's more of a stabbing pain

Sorry again for the delay. This doesn't sound at all like arthritis to me but an x-ray could determine if that's part of the problem. He probably has diabetic neuropathy--nerve inflammation fairly common with diabetics. With tight control of his blood sugars this can improve with time and in the meantime medications like Neurontin or Lyrica can help greatly with the pain. I would have him see a neurologist for an exam and nerve conductions studies to diagnosis the neuropathy and for treatment
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