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can I take phentermine and zacti+ together ?

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can I take phentermine and zacti+ together ?
Do you have a bottle of the Zacti+?
Does it list the active ingredients?

I had asked if you had a bottle of Zacti+ to state the active ingredients and have not heard back. When reading the web page for Zacti+, it does not list the ingredients. The only comment is that the product inhibits the digestion of fats in the gut.

If the only action is the inhibition of digestion of fat, then there is no reason to be concerned about taking phentermine with the Zacti+. The only concern would be if there is an active ingredient that is similar chemically to phentermine and other appetite suppressants. If there is an appetite suppressant in the Zacti+, then it would be better to avoid the combination with phentermine.

It is worth noting that the description of the mode of action is clearly inadequate to explain the claims of weight loss provided by this product (2 pounds over 2 days from one pill). Even if the product is completely successful at preventing digestion and absorption of all fat in your diet, the loss of 2 pounds of weight would mean the decreased intake of 7000 calories (1 pound = 3500 calories). It is virtually impossible that you are eating 7000 calories of fat intake over 2 days (plus other calories from carbohydrate and protein intake). It is very unlikely that you are eating that many calories total. Therefore, either the product works by another mechanism or the claim of 2 pounds of weight loss over two days from one pill is erroneous.

If you desire any further information, please let me know.

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