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I get hot tummy, neck , shoulders and thighs that come on in

Customer Question

I get hot tummy, neck , shoulders and thighs that come on in waves.
Inflamed tongue, sore eyes and numb fingers. Easy bruising. All random but regular during y and night. White lumps on tongue.
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Dr. Chip replied 4 years ago.
Hi--how long has this been going on? Any fever or rash?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Since December 2013. No fever, just neck, chest, thighs or shoulders get hot and red, random during day or night. Especially after shower or bath.

No rash, just hot and red. Tongue goes from normal to stripey red/ purple, dry and sore with white hard lumps at back. Lips become sore and red.

After 2 weeks over Christmas, developed splits like paper cuts in creases of fingers and random ones appear again like papercuts on fingers and arms. Only a few though.

No probems with urine or penis area but get hot testicles and sore groins.

Had general blood test and all in range and also stool test.

GP sent me to dermitologist after looking into my bottom to find a brown patch on a small pile. This was unconnected from what I initially went for. Got to have biopsy this month.

I thought initially I had picked up some mite infection after a week business trip to South Korea after using someones sweaty gloves during work. Also I was bitten by a flee over there on back of hand which cleared up after couple of days. I also arrived after a 26 trip on planes with a really bad sore throat. It is very complicated with many variables hence seeking your opinion.


Expert:  Dr. Chip replied 4 years ago.
OK Rob. Are you saying that your thyroid, liver, kidney tests were normal and you have a normal white blood cell count?