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911DOC, Board Certified Dr.
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I am have an MRI scan on Thursday. I suffer from claustrophobia

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I am have an MRI scan on Thursday. I suffer from claustrophobia and have been given 3 x 2mg tablets of diazepam by my GP to take on the day. my scan is 4.30pm and my GP has not said how I should take the dosage. Can I take the 6 mg at once or should they be at different times. I want the best possible affect to get me through without taking a panic attack.

Thanks for your assistance.

911DOC :

great question. do you have any other medicines that you take or any chronic medical conditions? also, what is the MRI scan for?

911DOC :

standing by

Customer: It's brain scan. Blood pressure tablet Diovan taken once daily.
911DOC :

okay, do you have a ride to and from the MRI scanner?

911DOC :

and have you taken valium before?

Customer: Yes family member is coming with me
Customer: Many years ago
911DOC :

last question, do you drink alcohol every day even in small amounts?

Customer: No, very rarely
911DOC :


911DOC :

so a 6mg dose is what i would take, all at once, and i would take it 45m or so prior to the scan

911DOC :

that's a pretty reasonable dose for you... 5mg is the low dose tablet here in the US

Customer: Thank you very much for your help
911DOC :

so no problem with 6mg

911DOC :

you are most welcome

911DOC :

do you have further questions about this?

Customer: No I don't think so. Just want to get it over and done with - severe claustrophobia .
911DOC :

okay, one more thing... prepare yourself mentally.... this doesn't have to be scary.. they will probably have headphones for you so you can listen to music and talk to you while you are being scanned. close your eyes and think happy thoughts... trust that the medicine will help, and know that it is important to get the scan done... should take about 15-25m depending on scanner speed. you will here mechanical noises inside the machine... no worries, very safe test, no radiation to you at all. make sense?

Customer: Yes all makes sense. Will imagine I'm on a nice beach. Thanks for the info and help.
911DOC :

You are most welcome. Good luck. Hope the scan is normal.

Thank you so much for your question. It was a pleasure talking with you. Should you need my assistance in the future simply start your question with ‘for 911doc only’.

Positive feedback is always appreciated.

Be Well


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