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I have a bloated stomach . I have bad wind. I feel like I need

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I have a bloated stomach . I have bad wind. I feel like I need to pass motions all the time but nothing happens. When I do go it is very soft light and very smelly like rotting veg. My stomach looks lumpy around the colon area. I have had problems going for years but it is getting worse and I feel like this all the time. I am in early menopause and on hormone tablets. I have gained weight although I am on a calorie controlled diet and exercise daily. I have headaches and feel sick and unwell.

Welcome and thank you for your question.

A bloated stomach with passage of gas and foul smelling stool is suggestive of an intestinal infection. This will also cause the 'Tenemus' - the sensation of needing to pass stool all the time.

Other causes could be Crohn's disease or Ulcerative colitis - these seem more likely since you have had the problem for some years.

Please consult your doctor again - you need a stool test in a lab as well as a colonoscopy with biopsy.

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