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Hi. Ive already asked an expert but have got much worse overnight

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Hi. I've already asked an expert but have got much worse overnight and looking for a second opinion. I wondered if you could help me out. I'm 20 weeks pregnant and have been very careful with my diet . However , 3 weeks ago I ate some opened bio pasteurized yogurt which may have been spoiled and open for a while. It tasted ok I think but smelt a bit funny afterwards.
A few days later I had one bout of vomiting and diarrhea and nothing since . A couple of days later I started feeling extremely tired and and having hot flashes and a low level fever.

Over the last week my fever has gone but I am extremely fatigued , very weak in my arms and legs and stuffy nose and now chills . I feel awful. I 've had blood counts, stool samples, listeria serology tests ( they can't do a culture because my temperature isn't high enough) and all clear.

Baby is still moving around and I had my 20 week scan on Thursday.

Doctors don't think it's listeriosis based on the test results I've had but I feel absolutely rotten and can't think of what else it could be if it isn't that z I begged them to give me antibiotics as a precautionary measure ; to reduce risk of the baby getting infection to make me feel better but they wouldn't as they don't think the re is a need to.

Any advice ? I'm worried that it is a serious infection and will infect the baby. I will really bad as well and am desperate to feel better.
Thank you

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Already Tried:
Doctors, nurses, midwives . You name it and still feel bad and still got horrible symptoms
Hello, this is Dr K.. Answers are not medical advice and do not constitute a doctor/patient relationship. I look forward to helping you today.

Hello, sorry you have been so ill. Listeria is very unlikely. It does not usually come from spoiled food. Its a contaminant of the food packaging process and often occurs in outbreaks.

Its not true that a culture cannot be done if you do not have a fever. Its just that there is no need for it. If the serology is negative, you can stop worrying.

I bet you have a viral infection. Food poisoning and viruses are hardly ever harmful to the baby. Thats because they normally stay within the gi tract. Antibiotics do not help.

It may help to seek referral to an infectious disease specialist. Best of luck to you.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Could it be a virus even though I've been feeling like this for nearly 3 weeks, ever since I had the yoghurt?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Also, are serologys accurate and reliable ways to determine listeriosis? I hear all sorts of things and don't know what to believe. I just want to feel well. I'm petrified that the baby has been harmed. I only had a scan on Thursday. Everything looked fine; quite small though but sonographer said within normal means.

Thank you



Its not likely food poisoning from the yogurt if it lasted this long. Yes serology can determine listeria. An ultrasound would not be helpful in determining listeria infection. I still feel you should consult an infectious disease specialist.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you for the advice you have given me so far. Much appreciated. I have a couple more questions as the situation has progressed and then I will give you excellent feedback and a bonus.


i dkscovered the other day that in the uk ( nhs ) they now don't offer listeria serologys which is a shame. However, the doctor spoke to a consultant and said that the way they test it here is by stool sample because technology has advanced . They said I tested negative for listeria and to be reassured. My first question is this ;

i still had symptoms when I did the sample but they became more 'flu like' the day after. The yoghurt would still have been in my system for 2 weeks so if anything was going to be found it would have been ?


Also, I feel less tired and no fever but still coldy and a bit shivery. my stools haven't returned to normal . My husband has had the same symtoms so do you think I have the same as him ?


ive felt less fetal movement the last 2 days but there is still a heartbeat. Any reason to worry at this stage?


Sorry for for the extra questions . All of this has triggered my ocd and because I still feel poorly it's making it worse. If I had started to feel better I wouldn't be as worried.


Thank you so much .

Hi there. You do not have listeria. The yogurt does not stay in your system two weeks. You prob had what your husband had. If you feel less movement you need to notify your Dr right away.