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Hi, i went to the doctors 6 weeks ago which i was very embarrassed

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Hi, i went to the doctors 6 weeks ago which i was very embarrassed about going, but i have a skin tag around the entrance of my bum and they didn't do anything about it they said leave it its fine but i didn't like it. So i read up on line that you can use apple cider vinegar on a skin tags so i thought i'll give it ago 6weeks on it has got small but today its become very angry and inflamed what shall i do?? i'm embarrssed hope you can help

Hi. Welcome to JustAnswer. I shall try my best to assist you while you are corresponding with me.

First of all, there is absolutely no need to be embarrassed. This is a very common problem and I get a patient or two everyday in my practice who complains about skin tags around the perianal area.

The thing to understand about perianal skin tags is that they are not always as innocent as one might think because they are actually a sign of a chronic anal fissure in most cases and are known as Sentinel tags in such cases.

Chronic anal fissures are small tears in the anal mucosa on the anal verge (opening of the anal canal) lasting more than 3 weeks. They are not painful nor do they have any active symptoms, except that they can become inflamed every now and then. They can be due to trauma, prolonged diarrhea, chronic constipation, child birth etc.
It is often not mandatory to remove a skin tag right away but an examination to rule out an anal fissure is mandatory. If there is an anal fissure then it will need to be treated surgically. This is because, if the skin tag is removed without doing anything for the chronic anal fissure then the skin tag will just recur after a few weeks.
I do not know if apple cider helps with a skin tag, I have never advised to tried it on any of my patients, however, scientifically, a skin tag can not be reduced by any application except that of liquid nitogen.
Hope this helps.
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